Leadership Onkaparinga 2016-17 Biennial Report

The Positive Leadership Program was specially designed for LO alumni and it included aspects of positive psychology and positive leadership theory. The three-month program was developed and presented to the 22 participants by LO Project Leader, Joanna Giannes, specialised facilitators, Anastasia Goussios, Cherise Vallett and supported by Project Officer Sustaining Independence and Wellbeing, Dr Maria Shialis The program integrated and adopted elements of the council’s Wellbeing and Resilience Program for residents. New tools and strategies based on the PERMA+ model (positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning and accomplishment) were included. This was combined with a focus on developing positive climate, relationships, communication and meaning. Through the application of innovative tools and strategies, the program aimed to build on knowledge about neuroplasticity, metacognition, mindfulness and relational impact. The nine-day program had a 100 percent retention rate with attendance by 40 percent of participants from the 2016 LO program, 40 percent from previous LO programs and 20 percent new participants. Via post program surveying, 100 percent of respondents would recommend undertaking the Positive Leadership Program and more than 60 percent expressed an interest to undertake the 2018 LO Program. Of particular significance was the opportunity for one of the 2016 LO alumni, Cherise Vallett, to facilitate two days of mindful leadership. For two special days at the Kangarilla Community Hall, participants learned and experienced mindfulness, meditation processes, modes of mind, stress responses, obstacles to practice and mindful leadership in a very practical way. The program was concluded with a symbolic contemplative activity, the group working peacefully together to create a beautiful mandala at Christies Beach. Anastasia Goussias - Co-facilitator, Positive Leadership s POSITIVE LEADERSHIP