Council projects

Each year we undertake hundreds of projects and programs to build new infrastructure, maintain existing assets and support our communities. Many of these activities are now recorded in our Projects register, which tracks the start and finish dates of projects and gives an update on the current status of each project and program.

The links below are to assist you in using the Projects register so that you can find information about projects that interest you. The same documents are also available from the Help menu within the Projects register.


Long term projects

Love Christie Downs 20 Year Draft Masterplan

Christie Downs 20 Year Draft Masterplan

The Christie Downs SMP was prepared in partnership with State Government to guide improvements to the suburb over a 20 year timeframe. 


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Sellicks Beach

Sellicks Beach Cliff Top Access Review

Installation of the viewing platform to be located at the end of Gulf View Road and is expected to commence during the 2018-19 financial year.


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