Community Grants

Our Community Grants are open annually from January–March and provide funding for innovative projects and activities that foster community development in the areas of arts and culture, community participation or recreation. Funding is also provided for small equipment purchases or upgrades.

The purpose of the grants is to assist in the development of projects that encourage community participation and inclusivity by offering alternative approaches to meeting community needs. A list of groups that have received funding in previous years can be found on the main grants page.

The maximum grant available for community development program is $3,725 and for small equipment purchases is $1,720. GST is added to these grant amounts where applicable.

Applications are now closed.

For more information, or if you would like a pdf version of an application form to complete by hand, please contact Justin Ifould, Community Wellbeing Officer on (08) 8384 0120 or email

2019-20 Community Grant documents for applicants 

PDF icon png 2019-20 Community Grant Guidelines (268 KB)

2018-19 Community Grant evaluation documents for recipients

MS Word icon 2018-19 Evaluation Report for Community Development grant (97 KB)
MS Word icon 2018-19 Evaluation Report for Small Equipment grant (87 KB)