Onkaparinga 2035

Onkaparinga 2035 is our leading plan that sets a vision for our region and its ‘strong, vibrant communities’.

Building on the strengths of our previous Community Plan, Onkaparinga 2035 has been informed by changes to social, economic and political context, and comprehensive engagement with the community and key stakeholders.

The recent review provided an important opportunity to consider the direction, revitalise the goals and objectives, and simplify, consolidate and improve council’s supporting strategic planning framework.

Onkaparinga 2035 is underpinned by three new themes of people, place and prosperity.

These three themes shape the shared aspirations for our city, where people are vibrant and resilient; where our places are liveable, connected and green, and where we have the opportunity to enjoy a prosperous future.

Thank you to everyone that participated and shared their positive, creative and challenging ideas in the preparation of Onkaparinga 2035.

Partnering to Deliver

Council cannot achieve the vision of Onkaparinga 2035 in isolation – our role and responsibilities will change and be informed by our Policy Principles (286K) and our Role Statements (374K). These underpin all of the decisions made by Council and guide our strategic planning and action.

Supporting Documents

PDF icon png Onkaparinga 2035 (6.4Mb)
PDF icon png Summary of Community Engagement (161K)
PDF icon png Explanatory Guide (293K)
PDF icon png Community Plan 2035 (previous plan) (3.4Mb)

For more information contact the Strategic Services team on (08) 8384 0666 or email mail@onkaparinga.sa.gov.au