Arts Centre Mural

Arts Centre Ward Street mural concept

Concept and Philosophy – Aurelia Carbone

The challenge with this project is to create a striking, contemporary design that also embodies the historic character of the area and its attraction as a seaside destination.

My public art practice is known for incorporating optical illusions to engage the public, drawing on strong graphic shapes and repetitive patterning and detail.

The overlapping of histories and cultures, both in the built and natural environment, was something that I wanted to highlight in my design. Originally I considered Venn diagrams with their overlapping circles, but soon came to consider the form mathematically known as a hypotrochoid – or more commonly referred to as a ‘spirograph’. These elegant, overlapping symmetrical shapes are formed from one continuous line, and bear some resemblance to underwater creatures like jellyfish or coral. They are a playful and striking way to combine all the elements in the brief into a harmonious form.