A Moment in Time

This piece references the old worker's cottages along the street, originally built by Walter Reynell & Sons Winery to accommodate its employees. 

The trailing plant suggests the quietude of an old wall, perhaps in need of some repair, enjoying a moment in the sun, while life, in the form of a trailing plant, continues around it. The time-scale of the wall is far longer and so makes for an interesting reflection on the brevity of existence.

This also ties in with our overall theme of contrasting the old with the new, inside and outside, as seen in the stillness of a moment in time...

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Flying Pacific Black Ducks over Bulrushes

The gate frames the experience of coming from the natural environment into the manmade and vice-versa. A local resident possum is sitting on the stone fence.

View an image of the Panalatinga River flooding on Corn Street.

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