Sauerbier House Culture Exchange

Artist in Residence Exhibition

Hallway Gallery and Washhouse  |  23 March - 28 April

Passenger - Glimpses of worlds within worlds  |  Gail Hocking

Gail Hocking Passenger

New Zealand born, Aldinga based artist Gail Hocking, works with sculpture, installation and digital media. Currently her research seeks to visually translate the connection formed between the body and ‘non-human others’ (eg; environments, objects, machines, animals), in an attempt to speak of shared human and non- human relationships.

Whilst in residence at Sauerbier House, Hocking’s quest was to connect with the Onkaparinga/Ngangkiparingga estuary. Hocking spent many hours in the river listening to and viewing the waters through simple periscopes. Through this process, the artist gained a deep understanding of the sensory and visual rhythms of the river and its effects on the human body.

The resulting exhibition PASSENGER – Glimpses of worlds within worlds reflects through intimate moments, on the overlapping experiences of the artist and the Ngangkiparingga Estuary. Using short video clips, photographic images, sound and installation Hocking invites the audience to contemplate the river through her collective aquatic experiences.

The rhythms of tides
The potential of floods
The heaviness of water
The beauty of refracted light

Image: Space between worlds, 2019, periscope, water, air, dimensions variable.  Image Sue Fowler. 

Lounge Gallery  |  23 March - 28 April

Nestle in Onkaparinga  |  Rachel Anne Buch

Rachel Anne Buch - Nestle in OnkaparingaNestle in Onkaparinga is an interactive nest building project that uses social engagement to map out the local landscape, flora, fauna and culture.

For performance artist Rachel Anne Buch, nests symbolise a comfort zone; a portable safe haven from which she is able to facilitate a performative and creative experience for people of any age or ability to openly interact. This iteration of nest building was generated across three months whilst Buch was in-residence as a collective interpretation of the City of Onkaparinga.

Nestle in Onkaparinga  is the outcome of a larger project involving inclusive workshops held at Sauerbier House and interactive performances held throughout the 2019 Fringe Festival.

The nest artworks, Coral Culture and River Remnants were born from participation, discussion and imagination.  Coral Culture was designed to resemble the local coral reefs and beaches with participants (often children) expressing their experiences of these complex systems through sculptural forms. You may notice, nestled in the coral reef, familiar faces such as Shaun the Sheep and a Minecraft Sponge-bob.

River Remnants represent the forest growth and green spaces that surround the Onkaparinga River and reflects the thoughts and visions gathered at the Port Noarlunga Fringe from local community and visitors. 

The nests have been created from found objects and children’s craft materials. These materials were chosen to create an atmosphere of accessibility with any age, giving people the ability to relate or contribute to this artwork.

Documenting her progress on film and video whilst working on the residency project has allowed Buch the opportunity to collect images reflecting her process of making, concept building, performance preparation and presentation. Some of the props used throughout the performances are also on display. These artefacts provide visitors to Sauerbier House, in particular those who were unable to take part in the making process, with an overview of both the work and performances undertaken across this festival season.

Image: Nestle In Onkaparinga (performance detail), 2019. Image courtesy artist. 



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July – September:  Melissa Little, Tom Phillips | Exhibition 21 September – 26 October 2019

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January – March : Brianna Speight + Rosina Possingham, Cynthia Schwertsik | Exhibition 21 March – 25 April 2020

 April – June:  Sasha Grbich + Kelly Reynolds, Anastasia La Fey | Exhibition 20 June – 1 August 2020

Exhibitions remain for one month after each residency concludes.


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May : TBC