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The [GRAFTd] exhibition program brings to Sauerbier House for SALA festival new works by South Australian contemporary artist Matthew Fortrose.

Lounge and Hallway Galleries  |  4 August - 8 September

Matthew Fortrose - conduitGas and Matches | Matthew Fortrose

GAS AND MATCHES endeavours to understand the divergent nature of ubiquitous material used in both necessity and also excess.

Using materiality as a catalyst for conversation, Fortrose invites discussion around the dependence of these components, by exploring the notion of synthetic materials as artifact.

The idea of industrialised objects existing as sculpture, positions these contextual investigations into form as found in a built environment, as a way of observing the aesthetic characteristics of functional objects and applying them to a formal study.

Using applications of industrialized processes and digital reinterpretation,GAS AND MATCHES, an exhibition in two parts, seeks to understand objects in an urban landscape and looks at the relationship between maker and matter.

An abrupt and immediate exploration into the materiality of both matter and objects, as found in a built environment.

Exhibition opening 4 August, 1.30 – 4.00 pm

  • Tunes by Charlie Helbie
  • Wines generously sponsored by Golden Child Wines  

Dates: Exhibition runs until 8 September
Venue: Sauerbier House, 21 Wearing st Port Noarlunga
Enquiries:  8186 1393

Image credit: Conduit, 2018. Image courtesy of artist.

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Exhibitions remain for one month after each residency concludes.


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August: Matthew Fortrose  | 4 August- 8 September

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