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Current Exhibitions

Hallway and Lounge Galleries  | 16 February - 28 April

Table Rock Surf Centre  |  Henry Jock Walker and friends

Table Rock exhibition - Henry Jock Walker and friends

An un-comprehensive exhibition of real and imagined South Australian wave riding history.

I am sitting in a room watching surf videos on VHS tape. I am surrounded by art works made from surf board foam and old wetsuits. There are posters, signs and magazines. Old photographs display local SA surfers and breaks harking to a past time. Then there are the ubiquitous stacks of surfboards, collected by surfers over the years. Fantastic plastic machines in various shapes, sizes and colours. It’s possible this could be some funky old school retro-surf shop but it’s not. I am in an art space called Sauerbier House in Port Noarlunga. The exhibition is called Table Rock Surf Centre – and just like that Flat Iron Rock that collapsed in 1911, I am surrounded by mythologies of people and places. The ideas presented are a mixture of experimental forays into contemporary surf culture gone wild that seek to advance the potential of surfing’s creative offshoots. It is bricolage, collage and overcharge! An excursion into shared views as well as individual expression. And true to form of HJW’s parallel practice that addresses the conformity that the white walls seek, there are paintings. This is not a concession. Just another line.

Many of the works are made in collaboration with a number of HJW’s long-standing creative partnerships, highlighting the natural inclination of this artist as curator - shape shifting fluidly from instigator to co-worker to colleague and back. Forever behind the scenes, orchestrating the final outcomes and spaces of creativity. HJW posits that no art project about surfing could be made without a communal gathering of like-minded individuals. It is a mantra that is a true indication of himself and his practice. HJW is also a chap who thinks deeply about how contemporary art can support how we make some sense about where we live. His genuine good old-fashioned honesty and integrity, underpins a creative practice that seeks to constantly explore and expand its potential. This unique gathering of makers from near and far is as much a familial one as it is a 24/7 surf art factory. Frothin’ and sexy!

Excerpt: Looking for a different crowd. Blurring outsider art tendencies within mainstream practice.

Paul Gazzola, Surfer, Christies Beach,  2018.

Artists:  Henry Jock Walker, Scott Pyle, Kurt Bosecke, Barbary O'Brien, Aaron Fell-Fracasso, Daniel Ross, David Brophy, Jeremy Ievins, Nick Santoro, India Mark, Andrew Trealoar, Pat Rushby, Seth Kear ,Jocelyn Tribe,  Jenna, Josiah Schmucker, Allan Sumner, Clem Churchhill, Jon Campbell, Gregory Hodge, Grant Carverly, Oscar Perry, Robin Green, Che Chorley, Christian Lock, Gerry Wedd, Mitch Ingraben, Leighton Clark, John Arnold, James Tylor, Tristan Kerr, Alice Blanch, Ozzie Wrong, Dean Wanstall, Mickey Newport Mike J Carruthers John Kingston, Evelyn Roth, Francois Knoetze, Kaspar Schmidt Mumm, Emmaline Zanelli, Hari Koutlakis, Trevor Jenkins, Stephen Langdon, Kerry Bryant (Lou) Hugo and Jack Sauerbier, Jackie Saunders, Triggs Two Tarp Surfing Competition Team


Image credit: Table Rock Surf Centre, 2017. Image Che Chorley.

Other upcoming events

Residency Program 2018-19

January – March : Henry Jock Walker and friends

April – June: Laura Wills,  Rebecca McEwen 

July – September:  Alice Blanch,  Neville Cichon

October – December:  Andrew Smith, Tristan Louth-Robins

January – March: Gail Hocking, Rachel Anne Buch

 April – June:  Kristy Darlston, Louise Flaherty

Exhibitions remain for one month after each residency concludes.


[GRAFTd] Exhibitions 2018

February: Timothy Casiero | 3 February – 3 March 2018

May: Simone Kennedy, Ewa Skoczynska. | 4 May – 2 June 2018

August: Matthew Fortrose  | 4 August- 8 September

November: Emiko Artemis, Brianna Speight | 3 November - 8 December 2018