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4 May - 15 June

Bridgette Minuzzo Stack Moana BeachHeartland: Stories from the Coast  |  Bridgette Minuzzo

Celebrating South Australian art history through the 2019 South Australian History

Festival, Heartland: Stories from the Coast has been collated by Bridgette Minuzzo in association with the Wickes family.

The exhibition showcases recent paintings, photographic and video works reflecting Bridgette Minuzzo’s experiences, memories and connection to Moana Beach alongside photographs and memorabilia gathered since the 1930’s.

The artist’s family, the Clarkes, have been spending summers and weekends at Moana Beach for four generations, since grandmother Bessie Clarke bought land and one of the first shacks on Nashwauk Crescent.

These artworks and stories reflect a life-long love of Moana Beach and celebrate days spent drinking in the horizon, walking bare foot in the sand, swimming in the surf and being in this beautiful part of the South Australian coast.

Steve (Richard Stephen) Wickes (1877-1954) was an Adelaide based artist, scenic and decorative sign writer, commercial painter and shop keeper. Becoming a Fellow of the SA Society of Arts in 1916, Steve spent his family holidays painting at Christies Beach. His early paintings reveal a coastline prior to development.

Bridgette Minuzzo was introduced to the work of Steve Wickes in 2017 during the SALA exhibition Side by Side at Prospect Gallery, South Australia. Bridgette has since collaborated with Steve’s granddaughters, Lesley Attema and Merry Wickes to bring to public display, a historical selection of oil and watercolour paintings composed by Steve Wickes and his eldest son Ernest Alfred Wickes (1908 – 1964).

Heartland: Stories from the Coast also contains photographs and memorabilia collected by the family reflecting on the life and times spent holidaying on this coast. 

South Australia's History Festival 27 April - 31 May 2019

Image: ‘Stack’ Moana Beach, 2017, mixed media, 32 x 26cm.Image courtesy artist.



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