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Sauerbier House artist in residence exhibitions are held at the conclusion of each residency. Presented by photographers Alice Blanch and Neville Cichon, these two new bodies of work were generated over three months and were created in conjunction with Shimmer Photographic Biennale 2018. 


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Lounge Gallery  |  22 September - 27 October

Lands Edge  |  Alice Blanch

Lands Edge Alice Blanch

Over the last three months I have spent many hours walking and listening to the Ngangkiparingka Onkaparinga River, focusing on observing humble gestures of the natural environment. I have been watching the balance that occurs so seamlessly between water and earth at the lands edge.  These elements give and take in a quiet fluidity; the river bends here, and the rocks give way over there, both compromise equally to allow for mutual function and survival of each element.

Through quiet observation and contemplation I sense that there is a lot to learn from the natural environment. Relationships in nature are based around equal give and take, push and pull, and are constantly shifting to allow both elements to survive and flourish in their own right. I wonder how we can bring more balance into our human relationships with one another, between different cultures and our relationship with the land itself.

Works presented in this exhibition are the result of experimentation, working with new and old techniques and mediums within my art practice as well as exploring concepts of meeting points between elements.

I respectfully acknowledge and recognise that this exhibition and artworks created along the Ngangkiparingka | Onkaparinga River has taken place on traditional and sacred land of the Kaurna people.   I honour and pay respect to Elders past present and emerging.

Image credit: untitled, 2018. Image courtesy artist.

Hallway Gallery, Washhouse, Foyer  |  22 September - 27 October

Filter Neville CichonFilter  |  Neville Cichon

We often hear a lot of small numbers in relation to climate change.
One degree temperature rise. One centimetre sea level rise.
No cause for alarm surely? Seemingly so small,
but how does this translate to our own backyard?

During this residency I learnt a little more about what these numbers mean and the projections for the future.

My art practice explores ways to bring an Australian perspective to the discussion on climate change. Far removed from the visuals of icebergs and polar bears, the beach is ingrained into Australian culture. These works signal the relationship between a global phenomenon and the host of our recreational or lifestyle desires.

My time as an artist in residence at Sauerbier House provided an opportunity to experiment with photography and its capacity to convey ideas about the challenges ahead. For example, studio photography can heighten our connection to objects while long exposure and abstract works encourage contemplation and wide ranging interpretations.

Works were created in response to information on climate change impacts sourced from specialist reports and experts on coastal management. Just as important were the hours, either during the day or under a full moon, experiencing the coastline in all weather conditions.

Sea levels rise with the melting of the ice caps. Warming oceans add to that rise through thermal expansion. This is a given for many people. Are we willing to see our idyllic beaches and coastal environment become a memory, rather than an experience accessible to future generations?

Image credit: circa 2030, 2018 . Image courtesy artist.

Neville is supported by Arts SA and Helpmann Academy.


Government of South Australia Arts South Australia

Resilient South Climate Ready Southern Adelaide

Other upcoming events

2 items available.
Filter - Neville Cichon - Exhibition and Launch
22 September 2018 - 27 October 2018
Lands Edge - Alice Blanch - Exhibition and Launch
22 September 2018 - 27 October 2018

Residency Program 2018-19

January – March : Henry Jock Walker and friends

April – June: Laura Wills,  Rebecca McEwen 

July – September:  Alice Blanch,  Neville Cichon

October – December:  Andrew Smith, Tristan Louth-Robins

January – March: Gail Hocking, Rachel Anne Buch

 April – June:  Kristy Darlston, Louise Flaherty

Exhibitions remain for one month after each residency concludes.


[GRAFTd] Exhibitions 2018

February: Timothy Casiero | 3 February – 3 March 2018

May: Simone Kennedy, Ewa Skoczynska. | 4 May – 2 June 2018

August: Matthew Fortrose  | 4 August- 8 September

November: Emiko Artemis, Brianna Speight | 3 November - 8 December 2018