Current artists in residence

July - September 2018

Sunroom Studio  | Neville Cichon

Neville Cichon A line has been drawnFilter

Climate Change is a slow moving disaster that struggles to compete for our attention. Iconic imagery of polar bears or hurricanes in faraway places do little to connect our day-to-day lives with the climatic changes occurring slowly around us.

Collaborating with the City of Onkaparinga’s Sustainability Team, Cichon explores, through the primary medium of photography, the ways to translate knowledge into a body of work that is both engaging and capable of sparking dialogue on locally relevant issues concerning climate change.

Inspired by the residency location, flooding and erosion will be key focal areas. The resultant exhibition will be installed at Sauerbier House as part of Shimmer Photographic Biennale, 2018.

A line has been drawn (detail), 2016, pigment print on cotton rag, 28cmx42cm.
Image courtesy of artist.

Call out for public participation

Brightest Hopes | Darkest Fears

When you think about Climate Change and how it may impact your life and the experiences of your family well into the future what are your darkest fears and brightest hopes?

Some may be concerned with physical changes to the environment that impact lifestyle or impacts on food supplies or law and order. On the bright side there are opportunities for emerging leaders and technology and embracing a more sustainable lifestyle.

Please visit Sauerbier House and write your anonymous response on one side of the paper provided (including your post code).

Fold and insert your darkest fear response into the black box.

Fold and insert your brightest hopes response into the white box.

Thank you for your contribution.
All responses will be collated into an artwork to be revealed on 22 September at exhibition launch.

Please submit your responses by 15 August 2018.


Riverside Studio  |  Alice Blanch

Alice Blanch Lands EdgeLands Edge

Exploring both physically and conceptually, as photographic subject and as a basis for research and contemplation, the land’s edge, where earth meets the ocean and the river.

Lands Edge is a consideration of this meeting point, between the two elements of earth and water, examining the fine balance of the pushing and the pulling, the giving and the taking that needs to occur for these two elements to both survive and function.

The resultant exhibition will be installed at Sauerbier House as part of Shimmer Photographic Biennale, 2018.

Between sunrises #11, 2015, photograph, 50cm x 50cm.
Image courtesy of artist.


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