Beach warnings

When you are at the coast, please take care near the cliffs and caves. They are spectacular but they are also unstable. The cliffs and caves are constantly eroded by the rain, wind and waves and could collapse without warning.
The list of DOs and DON’Ts below will help you to stay safe.


  • take notice of the warning signs
  • keep to the formal paths and beach access points
  • keep behind fences and trail markers
  • stay well clear of the edge of cliffs
  • stay well clear of the base of cliffs.


  • shelter in caves
  • climb over fences
  • climb up or down the cliffs
  • jump from the cliffs into the water.

Special care should be taken near Witton Bluff at Port Noarlunga, the Onkaparinga Estuary at Port Noarlunga South, the cliffs for the full length of Maslin Beach South and at Gull Rock (Perkana Point) at Port Willunga.

This information has been provided in response to a geotechnical study into the coastal cliffs in the City of Onkaparinga. The study found that the causes of cliff instability are natural and ongoing but that people should stay clear of the top and base of cliffs.

Coastal signage

Location: Our coastline runs from Sellicks Beach in the south to Lonsdale in the north.

New coastal risk signage across our City will warn beach users of the potential hazards associated with our coast including rips, submerged rocks and cliff stability and will also provide advisory information on regulations, environmentally sensitive areas and lifesaving services.

Stage 1 of the project will be installed during May and June 2012, and will see new signage installed at all our major access points and car parks.  Stage 2 is to install signs at the remaining general beach access points is due to start in July 2012. 

This signage project is the result of a risk and safety auditing program undertaken by Surf Life Saving SA.  The audit delivered signage recommendations is in accordance with national guidelines and Australian Standards. This project will consolidate our coastal signs and provide a consistent approach to safety and regulatory signage along our city's coastline. 

The following are examples of the two signage types to be installed at our major and general access points.  For more information on this project, please contact Salvador Jurado, Asset Planner - Coastal on (08) 8384 0666  or email

Moana access sign 1  Moana access sign 2