Heritage links and resources

There is a wealth of information available on heritage conservation at varying levels. The following are some links and resources where you will find more detailed information about heritage protection.

Heritage lists

Heritage related guidelines and legislation

Resources / organisations

Suggested books

  • The Rich Valley - an account of the early life of McLaren Vale, Pridmore, A (comp), McLaren Vale Institute Committee, 1949
  • Willunga Town and District: Four Volumes - 1837-1900, 1901-1925, 1926-1950, 1951-1975, Dunstan, M, Investigator Press, 1977-87
  • Meadows Heritage, Stark, P, District Council of Meadows, 1983
  • A Fortunate Locality: A history of Noarlunga and District, Towler, D, City of Noarlunga/Peacock Publications, 1986
  • Cradle of Adversity: A History of the Willunga District, Linn, R, Historical Consultants Pty Ltd, 1991

All books can be found within the City of Onkaparinga's Libraries.