Coromandel Valley

The Coromandel Valley Cemetery is situated in Crane Avenue, Coromandel Valley, on what originally was the site of the Coromandel Valley Congregational Church and a school.

The building was used by both the Congregational and Wesleyan Churches until the Wesleyans built their own on the corner of Ackland Hill Road and Main Clarendon Road. The land for the church and cemetery was donated by Mr Thomas Matthews who arrived in the colony in 1840.

The church has long gone and only a small mound of dirt in the top section of the cemetery gives any indication of its position. The Wesleyan Church and cemetery is now a private dwelling and the only headstone to have survived was that of Robert and Sarah Ann Dall and is now in the Coromandel Valley Cemetery. The earliest burial is that of John Matthews in 1849. Other well known pioneers buried in the cemetery include members of the Meatheringham, Murray and Weymouth families. There are over 750 people interred in the cemetery. 

Coromandel Valley cemetery register