Happy Valley

Dr Robert Montgomery donated the land for the first Wesleyan Chapel and burial ground to be built on the south-east corner of Old Clarendon Road and Douglas Hill Road (now Chandlers Hill Road).

Later in 1851, the site was used by the Congregational Church, but in 1865 the South Australian Company donated a half-acre across the road on the corner of Douglas Hill Road and Candy Road and a new chapel was built. The original half-acre continued to be used as a cemetery and constituted by deed on 12 September 1864.

In 1888 a royal commission proposed that a reservoir be built at Happy Valley, and the site that was selected was such that the little cemetery would be under the reservoir wall. The South Australian Company again helped and donated an acre of land behind the Congregational Church, and the Waterworks Board arranged and paid for the exhumation and reburial of 215 adults and children (many of whom were, unfortunately, unnamed) which was completed by 1892.

The first burial in the new Happy Valley Cemetery was that of Robert Smith, who arrived on 3 April 1839 on the ’Welcome’. There are now over 600 people interred in this cemetery.

Happy Valley cemetery register