Morphett Vale Bains

This cemetery, known to many as Bains was on States Road, Morphett Vale, and was donated for public use by Mr Robert Bain of Section 596 of Melville Farm.

Robert Bain, who arrived in 1839 on the Duchess of Northumberland, was a farmer and also a Deacon of the Free Presbyterian Church of Morphett Vale (that opened in opposition to St Andrews) and his gift gave an alternate site from the Catholic Church cemetery on the corner of Bains and South Roads and the other cemetery at St Andrews, Church of Scotland Church on South Road.

The cemetery contains graves of early families such as King, Goldsmith, McCloud and Nash as well as members of the Bain families. The first burial was that of Ruth Tapley, granddaughter of the Rev Edward Baker.

The cemetery now has a columbarium as well as gravesite and now is the resting place of over 850 persons.

Morphett Vale Bains cemetery register