Parks and open space

Many of the parks and reserves throughout our region include playgrounds and seating and some have barbecue facilities, community tennis courts and cricket nets. We also have beautiful conservation parks such as Farnsworth Reserve in Woodcroft, which have great walking trails, large shade trees and large grassed areas. Some of our reserves also have skateboard ramps installed.

Want to find out more? Pick up one of our detailed maps from the council offices located at Noarlunga Centre and Aberfoyle Park.

You'll need our approval for a gathering of more than 30 people at one of our parks or reserves. Some reserves can be booked online. Visit our Reserve and Foreshore Bookings page for more information, otherwise you can do this by completing a Reserves and Foreshores application and mailing it to Angela Cahill, Permits and Licences Officer, City of Onkaparinga, PO Box 1, Noarlunga Centre SA 5168 or you can fax your completed application to (08) 8382 8744. We need to receive it at least four weeks before your event.

There are a number of dedicated BMX tracks and skateboarding facilities are situated across the city.

Wetlands are a vital part of our ecosystem, as they are nature’s water purifier and help to clean pollution from stormwater. Constructed wetlands are being used across the city to protect our rivers and oceans. They can also be used to help protect against flooding.