Dry areas

The City of Onkaparinga has alcohol restrictions (dry areas) enforced at the following locations:

Aberfoyle Park Happy Valley Sports Oval. See map
Christies Beach

Extends from Benny Avenues in the south to the mouth of Christies Creek in the north. The eastern boarder runs along Fletcher Drive, Grundy Terrace and Wilson Road and encompasses all land back to the low tide mark at the beach.

The Christies Beach Caravan Park is not included in the dry zone.

See map
Moana The Esplanade from Robertson Road to the Caravan Park, then along the beach on the Moana Sands Conservation Park. See map
Moana South Graham Rabbet Reserve. See map
Morphett Vale Tarnnanga Reserve See map
Noarlunga Centre The dry zone includes all land inside the ring of Goldsmith Drive, Beach Road and Dyson Road. See map
Port Noarlunga Located between Saltfleet Street and Clark Street, but excluding all land used for the purpose of carrying on a business. See map
  Adventure Playground Jubilee Park. See map
Seaford District Centre The area in City of Onkaparinga known as the Seaford District Centre, being the area bounded on the north by Seaford Road, on the east side by Seaford Rail way line, Lynton Terrace to the boundary that cuts west on Lot 779 and then northerly along Grand Boulevard until it meets Seaford Road and on the south by Griffiths Drive and on the west by Commercial Road. See map
Woodcroft Reserve area in Woodcroft south of Pimpala Road and west of Dressage Avenue. See map