Corporate statistics

The following statistics relate to the services and operations of the council and provides a snapshot of key corporate figures for the latest financial year.  

Number of full time equivalent employees 691
Number of externally funded positions 43
Number of visits to 780,584
Number of page views 1,987,519
Number of unique visitors 381,028
Number of libraries (including joint use facilities) 6
Number of library visits 958,929
Number of items loaned 1,338,367
Number public personal computer user hours 43,011
Number of volunteer hours 12,996
Number of library events 2,047
Number of attendees at library events 38,744
Number of arts events 1,075
Number of attendees at arts events 39,516
Number of land parcels owned by Council 2,521
Number of buildings owned by Council (including minor structures) 438
Number of tenancies in Council buildings 180
Number of Council owned public toilets 65
Number of halls owned by Council (also included in total number of buildings owned by Council) 12
Number of playgrounds owned by Council 254
Number of playgrounds owned by Council – no public access 7
Number of rateable properties 77,998
Sports and Active Recreation Facilities
Number of turfed playing fields 36
Number of cricket pitches (including practice pitches) 63
Number of outdoor courts 146
Number of equestrian facilities 8
Number of surf lifesaving clubs 5
Number of basketball keyways 45
Number of skate facilities 14
Number of BMX facilities 21
Footpaths and Roads
Kilometres of roadside footpaths 901
Kilometres of shared use footpaths 115
Kilometres of Council roads (sealed, unsealed, dust sealed) 1,542
Community Bus
Number of passenger trips 19,460
Kilometres travelled 95,634
Customer Service
Number of phone calls to the Customer Service Centre 188,323
Front counter visits to Council offices 68,095
Customer requests administered 112,278
Development Applications
Number of applications lodged 3,836
Number of applications approved 3,457
Requested graffiti removals 988
Proactive graffiti removals 58,298
Graffiti program volunteers 83
Waste and Recycling
Total number of waste collections 3,400,000
Tonnes of domestic waste to landfill 38,467
Tonnes of recycling collected at kerbside 14,452
Tonnes of green waste collected 16,798
Tonnes of green waste drop off service (trailer loads) 1,465
Tonnes of hard waste collected 1,244
Tonnes of hard waste recycled 515
Tonnes diverted from landfill 33,229
Number of trees planted by Council 3,461
Number of biodiversity plantings undertaken by Council 66,200
Corporate greenhouse gas emissions - tonnes (CO2e) 10,493
Service Statistics
Number of immunisation vaccines administered 12,905
Number of dog registrations 33,301
Number of volunteers assisting Council 498
McLaren Vale Visitor Information Centre
Number of accommodation bookings 270
Accommodation bookings value $45,951