Media Responses

28 September 2018

PDF icon png Water Asset Divestment (163K)
PDF icon png Fleurieu Fringe (148K)

10 September 2018

PDF icon png Love Aldinga (146K)

30 August 2018

PDF icon png Kerry Foods (138K)
PDF icon png CEO salary (142K)

27 August 2018

PDF icon png City-wide place and business update (164K)

10 August 2018

PDF icon png Clarendon courts (145K)
PDF icon png Willunga Golf Course (151K)

9 August 2018

PDF icon png Hopgood Theatre (141K)

16 July 2018

PDF icon png Bollards (154K)

6 July 2018

PDF icon png RV Facilities (160K)

5 July 2018

PDF icon png Delivering Onkaparinga 2035 (173K)
PDF icon png Aldinga Beach winter closure and bollards proposal (149K)

2 July 2018

PDF icon png Comments on 9 July community meeting to be held by local sporting clubs (160K)

29 June 2018

PDF icon png Illegal dumping of polystyrene in Aldinga (610K)

18 June 2018

PDF icon png Bacon the pig (144K)

14 June 2018

PDF icon png Seaford roundabout upgrade (170K) 
PDF icon png Wearing Street Aquatic and Arts Precinct (147K)

31 May 2018

PDF icon png Aldinga Beach Winter closure / Bollard and signage upgrade (156K)
PDF icon png YACCA members deputation about cat registrations (151K)

14 May 2018

PDF icon png Freedom of Information statistics and legal budget (159K)

3 May 2018

PDF icon png Aldinga seasonal beach ramp closure (159K)

2 May 2018

PDF icon png Syringes (148K)
PDF icon png Update on Onkaparinga Libraries (174K)

30 April 2018

PDF icon png Chinese Elm Trees (147K)
PDF icon png Pepper Tree Cafe (148K)
PDF icon png Accolade Wines (158K)
PDF icon png Corporate credit cards - Mayor's response (63K)

23 April 2018

PDF icon png Star of Greece lease and licensing (139K)

18 April 2018

PDF icon png Items in confidence (144K)

16 April 2018

PDF icon png Artie Ferguson Reserve (140K)

13 April 2018

PDF icon png Coast Park (160K)
PDF icon png Rates (360K)
PDF icon png Toddler swing at Snapper Point Reserve (145K)
PDF icon png Gazanias (9.8Mb)

6 April 2018

PDF icon png Aldinga Community Centre Board and Community Shed (150K)
PDF icon png Phone tower at 79 Sherriff Rd, Maslin Beach (142K)
PDF icon png Library review focus group outcomes (147K)
PDF icon png Youth programs in Onkaparinga (151K)

5 April 2018

PDF icon png Regeneration Festival and Youth Recognition Awards (147K)
PDF icon png Corporate and strategic risk register - risk C022 (147K)

29 March 2018

PDF icon png China's ban on imported paper and plastic (31K) 
PDF icon png Resealing of council roads (180K)
PDF icon png Closure of SNUBA / Council support for local businesses (166K)
PDF icon png Rates pricing comparison (145K)

23 March 2018

PDF icon png Aldinga Development Plan Amendment (DPA) (160K)

15 March 2018

PDF icon png Coastal Areas Street Improvement (143K)
PDF icon png Corellas in Old Noarlunga (143K)

9 March 2018

PDF icon png Soccer facilities in Aldinga (20K)
PDF icon png Witton Bluff base trail (22K)
PDF icon png Moana Beach Tourist Park (24K)
PDF icon png Noarlunga Recreation Centre / Southern Sports Complex (22K)

8 March 2018

PDF icon png Moana Caravan Park (152K)

17 July 2017

PDF icon png Stillwell Management Consultants (148K)

22 June 2017

PDF icon png Sellicks Beach Motorcycle Classic (150K)

19 June 2017

PDF icon png Long term strategy to address parking in contribution scheme areas report (112K)
PDF icon png Noarlunga Regional Centre (121K)

9 June 2017

PDF icon png Trails and Cycling Management Plan (166K)
PDF icon png Attachment - Draft Trails and Cycling Strategic Management Plan (4.4Mb)

20 March 2017

PDF icon png Credit card expenses and China outcomes (343K)