Community development

Working with our community

We are often asked by students and other local government workers for information about our approach to community development.


The purpose of our work is to support the development of community leadership and capacity building, creating sustainable outcomes in relation to quality of life by working together with individuals, community groups, human service organisations and businesses.


We define community development as working alongside our communities to provide programs that offer people opportunities to make connections, develop friendships and networks and to build their skills to create long-term outcomes that improve quality of life.

Council policy

Council policy informs the direction of our approach to community development. This involves making decisions about protecting and enhancing the wellbeing and quality of life of its citizens, the health of the environment and the capacity of the economy to support the community.

All community members are encouraged to actively participate in community life and to influence the decisions that affect their lives. This serves to promote a sense of ownership and local identity and contributes to self-determination in the community.
The targeting of specific population groups for the allocation of resources is a legitimate process when based on fairness, equity and identified need.

The Council realises that the city’s future depends on the strengths of its communities. Therefore, it will encourage and foster the development of community social networking, cooperation and collaboration.


We are guided by the following principles when we implement our community development activities:

  • We celebrate diversity.
  • We develop partnering opportunities with other levels of government, human service providers and community organisations.
  • We value the contributions of our volunteers, communities and staff.
  • We support each other in our work.
  • We are committed to promoting the value of our work.


We evaluate our work to ensure that our programs are effective and are achieving desired outcomes. We incorporate planning for evaluation at the commencement of programs and include our communities, stakeholders and partners in the evaluation process.