Crisis management arrangements

Council’s Crisis Management Arrangements incorporate the elements of business continuity and emergency management. The arrangements are underpinned by a single organisational structure, the Crisis Management Team (CMT), to manage organisational crises.

The purpose of the arrangements is to ensure the appropriate structures and protocols are in place to enable effective response to crises that have the potential to impact on the operational efficiency of the organisation and/or the wider community. Development of the arrangements provides a mechanism for:

  • Identifying business functions that are critical to the organisation in meeting its business objectives
  • Development of resumption plans based on criticality of business functions rather than geographic location
  • Building resilience within the organisation’s operational resourcing and governance frameworks
  • Identifying and documenting roles and responsibilities for key positions within the Crisis Management Team
  • Minimising the impact of an emergency or loss of operational functionality on stakeholders and the community.

PDF icon png Crisis Management Arrangements (CMA) (2.4Mb)
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