Emergency management


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Triple Zero – Police, Fire or Ambulance in an emergency Call when:
  • Someone is seriously injured or in the need of urgent medical attention
  • Your life or property is being threatened
  • You have witnessed a serious accident or crime
Remember: stay focused, stay relevant, and stay on the line


106 (TTY)

1800 555 727
(Speak and Listen)

Emergency Alert The national telephone warning system used by emergency management agencies. During emergencies such as fire flood or extreme weather events, your landline or mobile telephone may be used to send you an emergency warning message. The Emergency Alert service is available across all telephone networks, you do not need to register to receive the alert.  
South Australian Country Fire Service (SACFS) Information about:
  • Fire bans and fire danger ratings
  • Warnings and incidents
  • The seven keys to surviving bushfires:
    • Recognising fire danger days
    • Preparing your home and property
    • Acting on fire danger days
    • Physical and emotional preparation
    • Creating emergency kits
    • Understanding bushfire behaviour
    • Writing and practising your bushfire survival plans
  • How to become a volunteer

1300 362 361

133 677 (TTY)

(bushfire information hotline)

South Australian State Emergency Service (SASES) Information about:
  • Floodsafe – increasing resilience in urban communities facing flood risk
    • Emergency Floodsafe kit
    • Emergency Floodsafe plan
    • Flood information (what to do before, during and after)
  • Stormsafe (what to do before, during and after)
    • Make an emergency kit
    • Make your home and yard storm safe
  • Heatsafe (what to do before, during and after)
    • Heatwave information
    • Extreme heat plan
    • Important heat related advice
  • Earthquakes (what to do before, during and after)
  • How to become a volunteer

132 500

133 677 (TTY)

(flood and storm response)
Australian Red Cross Preparing for emergencies – RediPlan four step process
  • Step 1 – be informed
  • Step 2 – make a plan
  • Step 3 – get an emergency kit
  • Step 4 – know your neighbours
Telecross REDi Supports vulnerable people by regularly calling them during heatwaves and other extreme weather events. Activated by the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI) when an extreme weather event is declared.

1800 188 071

8100 4510

SA Government Emergencies and Safety Provides community information on:
  • Emergency services
  • Heatwave
  • Bushfires & bushfire recovery
  • Earthquakes
  • Reporting emergencies
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Useful apps

Emergency Plus app

Emergency +

A national app developed by Australia's emergency services and their government and industry partners, helping people call the right number at the right time. The app uses a mobile phone's GPS functionality so callers can provide emergency call takers (000) with their location information as determined by their smart phone. Emergency + also includes SES and police assistance line numbers as options so that non-emergency calls are made to the most appropriate number.

Disaster Watch app


An initiative of the Australian Government providing access to information about disaster related events and disaster resilience in Australia.