Fire management

Burning in the Open (outside of the fire danger season 16 May and 30 November each year)

Vegetation pile burning, for the purpose of bushfire fuel reduction, can be undertaken outside of the fire danger season within defined rural areas.

Please use our interactive map to confirm the requirements in place for the area in which you plan to undertake vegetation pile burning (please search and select your property on the map to view requirements). 

How to use the map

  1. Type your property address into the address search or zoom in to find your property.
  2. CLICK ON YOUR PROPERTY in the map below for more information
  3. Complete the online Burn Permit (if required).

We recommend using Google Chrome. Map may not display with earlier versions of Internet Explorer.

View map fullscreen.

Alternatives to vegetation pile burning include mulching of garden waste, using the household Green organics bin or green organics drop off services.  Visit waste and recycling for further information. 

Other types of burning permitted outside of the fire danger season include

  • Burning of charcoal (not wood) for warmth, such as in a brazier, fire pit or chiminea
  • Burning principally for the preparation of food (fire must be of a size and built in a way that reasonably corresponds to that purpose).
  • Burning within a dwelling, such as in a fireplace

Refer to the Country Fire Service (CFS) website for further information.

For more information please contact the Fire Prevention Team on 8384 0666 or email