Fire management

The Fire Danger Season has commenced

The Fire Danger Season in the Mount Lofty Ranges and Adelaide Metropolitan Fire District areas runs from 17 November 2018 until 30 April 2019 (finishing date as determined by the CFS). 

During the Fire Danger Season burning in the open (vegetation pile burning) is not permitted.

Certain burning activities are still allowed on both metropolitan and non-metropolitan premises during the fire danger season (other than on a day declared Total Fire Ban Day), these include; fires being lit for food preparation, in accordance with specific conditions.  Such conditions include, but are not limited, to:

  • Minimum 4 metre clearance from all flammable materials
  • Adequate water or other extinguishing device is at hand
  • The fire is supervised by a responsible person (18 years of age or over) at all times whilst lit
  • Burning of charcoal only (not wood) for warmth, such as in a brazier, fire pit or chiminea
  • Burning principally for the preparation of food (fire must be of a size and built in a way that reasonably corresponds to that purpose).
  • Burning within a dwelling, such as in a fireplace

Subject to the Fire and Emergency Services Act 2005, a portable gas or electric barbeque can be used on the foreshore in an area that is clear of flammable material for a distance of four metres.  

Find out more about burning activities during the fire danger season through visiting the CFS website.

To check daily Fire Ban information, refer to the CFS website

All enquiries relating to fireworks are to be directed to the CFS only.

Burning activities requiring a Schedule 9 permit

Schedule 9 permits can be issued for fire and activities on days during Fire Danger Season that are NOT declared a Total Fire Ban. Such activities include the use of angle grinders,f welding or oxy cutting equipment.

All applications for a permit must be made in writing via email to

The following details must be provided a minimum of two business days prior to the day of the proposed activity:

  • Name of person/company applying
  • Purpose (ie welding, hot works,  etc…)
  • Location at which the activity is to take place
  • The date/s on which the activity is to take place (and time/s if they are able to   specify)
  • Brief details outlining how the activities will be conducted
  • Contact person and telephone numbers to make further enquiries
  • Schedule 9 permits are issued for a specific time period (usually 1 or 2 days) but may be issued for a longer timeframe at the discretion of the permit officer.

PLEASE NOTE: Schedule 9 permits are not valid for a day that is declared Total Fire Ban. There is no guarantee that a Schedule 10 permit will be issued to replace the obsolete Schedule 9 permit.

Days declared Total Fire Ban days – Schedule 10 permits

Schedule 10 permits are required for any open flame or hot works and are usually only issued for emergency works that need to occur on Total Fire Ban days.

Schedule 10 permits will only be issued under specific circumstances (ie the previous approval of a Schedule 9 permit will not guarantee approval of a Schedule 10 permit).

For further information regarding burning activities and the permissions required during Fire Danger Season, refer to the CFS website.

For more information please contact the Fire Prevention Team on 8384 0666 or email