Limitations of flood plain mapping

The maps delineate areas which are assessed as being subject to inundation along the watercourse modelled.  The maps do not show flooding from local subcatchments or drains.

The maps are based on available survey, hydraulic and hydrological modelling as at the date of the map, to an accuracy sufficient only for broad scale flood risk management and planning.

The inundation patterns are not those of actual historical flood events.  Actual inundation patterns will vary from one flood to another, being affected by earthworks, structures, blockages of drain and structures, the state of vegetation coverage, local intensity and duration of rainfall, and other factors.

The limit of flooding shown is not the boundary between flood prone and flood free land.  Areas outside the limits shown could be inundated by larger floods.

Flood assessment for a particular site will require more detailed interpretation, survey and hydraulic analysis by appropriately qualified and experienced persons.