Head lice

Head lice are small, whitish to reddish brown wingless, blood sucking insects that live in human hair. People get head lice from direct hair to hair contact with another person who has head lice.

Head lice do not have wings or jumping legs so they cannot fly or jump from head to head. They can only crawl.

The environmental health team provides information and educational material to residents to assist in the control and prevention of head lice. Find information on head lice products and combs.

Head lice school educational programs

Upon request, the environmental health team can visit schools and kindergartens with our head lice mascot, Itch'em, to give students a fun and educational presentation on head lice. The session includes pictures of head lice, a short video and easy to understand information about how to treat and prevent head lice. We aim to promote discussions with question and answer time and also clear up common myths. 

The school has the opportunity to extend the program with parent information sessions and our EHOs are also available to provide assistance at school head lice screening days.

Please contact the environmental health section on (08) 8384 0628 for further information or visit the Department of Health website.