Obesity Prevention and Lifestyle

Active children who make healthy eating a habit are more likely to live a healthy life.

The OPAL program (Obesity Prevention and Lifestyle) worked in the central and northern suburbs of the City of Onkaparinga to create all kinds of ways for children and their families to enjoy healthy eating and to have fun being active.  

Healthy lifestyle choices keep your family well and can make our whole community a more enjoyable place to live. People also have fewer long-term health problems. OPAL is based on the success of the French program EPODE which found that involving the whole community including families, local GPs, pharmacists, shop owners, sports and cultural associations, local government and schools is effective in preventing childhood obesity. Onkaparinga was one of seventeen councils to implement this program in twenty communities across South Australia. After five years, the OPAL program in the City of Onkaparinga came to an end on 19 September 2014.   

The OPAL Community Highlights photo book has been created to showcase the OPAL program’s community achievements and the ongoing impact it will have in the OPAL communities.

To find out more, visit www.opal.sa.gov.au or contact the Recreation and Healthy Lifestyles Team at the City of Onkaparinga. 


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