Pests and vermin

European wasp

Rats, mice, flies, mosquitoes are a common nuisance that may also be of public health concern, as they are capable of carrying disease and contaminating food.

As a City of Onkaparinga resident, you are responsible for ensuring that pests on your property do not become a problem and are eradicated if an infestation occurs. Our role in pest and vermin control is to provide advice and support for best practice in reducing pests around your home.

Rat cages and bait are available for residents to assist them with eradication of localised problems.

For more information and advice on pests and vermin, please read the information available on this page or contact the council’s Environmental Health section on telephone (08) 8384 0666.

If you believe that the rats are coming from a next door neighbour's property due to the accumulation of rubbish, junk or the presence of birds/animals not kept in a clean and tidy state, please complete a Nuisance Impact Assessment (633K) and email or send it in to us and an Authorised Officer will investigate the issue further.