Volunteer Cinema Day

To achieve a limited general rate increase, Council made the difficult decision to defer a number of projects including Volunteer Cinema Day 2015. After a thorough review of volunteer recognition, on 1 December 2015 Council made the decision to discontinue Volunteer Cinema Day.

We will however be implementing a media campaign during National Volunteer Week recognising the contribution of volunteers across the city through our website, social media and printed materials.

The City of Onkaparinga currently provides direct or indirect recognition to volunteers via the following awards, funds and ceremonies.

  • Community Training and Development Fund; recognizes the role of volunteers in the community by providing financial support for community members, through their community groups to build community capacity.
  • Every Generation Awards; recognises the outstanding achievements and valuable contributions people of all ages, cultures and abilities, make to ‘positive ageing’ in our communities
  • Youth Recognition Awards; acknowledges young people who have made valuable contributions within their communities, school, with family and friends, or have achieved success on a personal level
  • Secondary School Community Service Awards; presented to 2 high school students from each high school who have demonstrated outstanding community contributions throughout the year
  • Excellence Awards; recognises those who have made a significant contribution to our City or who have brought significant recognition to our City via business, community service, sport or the arts.
  • Community Civic Awards; recognises the outstanding achievements and contributions made by members within our community who go above and beyond what is reasonably expected in a diverse range of endeavours including community service.
  • Australia Day Awards; recognises local individuals and groups who have made outstanding contributions to our community. 
  • History and Heritage Awards; every two years, promotes and recognises a variety of initiatives by individuals and groups within, or associated with, the City of Onkaparinga that have contributed to the promotion, conservation or understanding of our history and heritage.

We thank all volunteers in the community for the contribution they continue to make to our community through their volunteering activities.