Book discussion groups

Woman laughing with a book in handHow to start your own book discussion group

Do you live in the Onkaparinga City council area and have a group of friends, up to 10 people, who would like to form a book group?  

Ask one of our friendly staff for a Welcome Pack. All you need to do is choose a name for your group, select books from the book list included, complete the registration form and hand it to one of our friendly staff. A staff member will contact you once we have registered your group.

How to choose your books

We have an extensive list of books including fiction and non-fiction which are available in sets of 10 copies. Each group will be asked to select 30 titles from the list to ensure your group reads a title of your choice each month.

How often will you meet?

Our book clubs meet monthly. Choose a time which suits your members, for example the first Monday of each month. This assists us with delivering your books on time to your nominated library.

Book group co-ordinator

We need a contact person/co-ordinator for each group in order to manage the collection and return of book sets to the nominated library. The co-ordinator’s details will be recorded on the club’s registration record.

Book group ideas

  • Meetings could be rotated between members’ houses or public venues such as coffee shops or our libraries. 
  • Members could take turns in leading the discussion.
  • Check for book reviews, book discussion guides, author’s websites and book clubs online. Check out the links below for ideas. 

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