Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy

Onkaparinga libraries offer many opportunities for you to get help understanding how online technologies work. We offer a range of sessions which can help reduce the frustration and time spent when trying to work out how things work online.

Digital Dropins - Held each week at all of our libraries. Just bring your device and your question. Our helpful staff and volunteers are ready to assist. No bookings required.

Digital Drop-Ins
Day Location Time Frequency
Monday Aldinga library 10am - 12pm Weekly
Tuesday Seaford library 2pm - 4pm Weekly
Wednesday Noarlunga library 10am - 12pm Weekly
Wednesday Hub library  2pm - 4pm Weekly
Thursday Willunga library 2pm- 4pm Weekly
Thursday Woodcroft library 11am - 1pm Weekly








Be Connected - In partnership with the Australian Government and the Good Things Foundation Australia we provide opportunites to start your online learning in a welcoming and friendly environment. The topics are suitable for people starting their online journey. Bookings required.

Digital Springboard - In partnership with InfoxChange and Google. These sessions provide targeted presentations on how to improve your skills. Bookings required. 

Speakers Program - We regularly invite speakers to present on interesting topics relevant to making sense of things in the online world.

For more information please see our activity listings.

At any of our digital activities you will be asked to provide feedback via the Feedbackly app. This app provides us with your thoughts on how we can improve the session.This information is collected purely for statistical purposes and is not shared with third parties