Abandoned vehicles

From time to time a person may abandon a vehicle on a public road or in a public place. Community Rangers are authorised to investigate and take action regarding abandoned vehicles. Criteria for assessing whether a vehicle is abandoned and can be removed is provided for in the Local Government Act 1999: if a vehicle has been parked on a road for at least 24 hours AND is contravening a law OR an authorised officer forms the opinion that the vehicle is genuinely abandoned, it may be removed.

If you wish to report an abandoned vehicle, please contact Ranger Services on 8384 0666.

If the owner can be found we will seek to have the vehicle removed within a reasonable timeframe. A Ranger may also place a warning notice on the vehicle requesting the owner to move the vehicle within 24 hours.

Please note that if a vehicle is in a dangerous position, council can at its discretion, impound or relocate the vehicle immediately.

An unregistered vehicle needs to be reported to SA Police on 13 14 44.