Development Plan Amendments

A Development Plan Amendment (DPA) is a document that proposes changes to council’s development plan. 

The development plan outlines objectives to guide the type and location of future development across the council area. It also provides detail for the assessment of individual development applications by establishing a network of zones and policy areas over the council area, which describes the desired future character for that particular area. 

Development Plans should be updated regularly to ensure they reflect the needs of the community, the economy and the environment.

Development Plans are updated through a formal statutory Development Plan Amendment (DPA) process, specified in the Development Act 1993. DPAs can either be undertaken by Council or by the state government (through the Minister for Planning). They also may be externally funded. Download a copy of Council’s Externally Funded DPA Procedure (117K).

For more information on DPAs, refer to the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure Guide to Development Plans and Development Plan Amendments.

DPA Consultation period Status
General Residential and Miscellaneous 30 May to 26 July 2017 DPA approved by Minister and consolidated into Development Plan as at 19 December 2017.
Employment Lands DPA 25 July to 19 September 2017 DPA approved by Minister. DPA came into effect 6 February 2018. 
Former Hardy's Winery site at Old Reynella TBA Statement of Intent with Minister for agreement
Hackham South (externally funded) TBA Investigation
Aldinga Urban Lands (externally funded) 21 March to 18 May 2018 On consultation