Aldinga Urban Lands Development Plan Amendment

The Aldinga Urban Lands DPA seeks to rezone 24 hectares of Deferred Urban Zone land to the Residential Zone. The Affected Area is identified below.

Reference to the future rezoning of this land has also been noted in successive Strategic Directions Reports (SDR). The current SDR (commenced 2011) was approved by Council on 13 August 2013 and endorsed by the Minister for Planning February 2015.

This DPA aligns to the strategic direction of the Onkaparinga Development Plan which identifies the progressive rezoning of land at Aldinga Beach in accordance with Concept Plan Map Onka/6 - Development Sequencing (Aldinga/Sellicks Beach).

This is an externally funded DPA. All investigations have been funded by the proponent.

Affected Area

The land proposed for rezoning comprises two sites:

Site 1 is 16 hectares of land located on the corner of the intersection of Hart Road and How Road.

Site 2 is the Southern Vales Christian College, located on Aldinga Beach Road.

The area is shown in the following map.

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Community Engagement

Consultation on the draft DPA concluded on Friday 18 May 2018.

Public Meeting

A Public Meeting was held Tuesday 5 June 2018 at the City of Onkaparinga Council Chamber, Noarlunga Centre. Those who made a written submission had the opportunity to speak in support of their submission.

Summary of Consultation and Proposed Amendments

The Summary of Consultation and Proposed Amendments (SCPA) report summarises all written and verbal submissions and presents ‘The Amendment’ (planning policy) for approval.

The SCPA and Amendment was presented to Council at its meeting held Tuesday 17 July 2018 where it was approved for submission to the Minister for Planning for approval.

Next steps

Although the DPA package has been submitted to the Minister for Planning for approval, there are a number of steps required to finalise the DPA.

These steps are as below:

1.     The Minister will review the DPA documents and either:

(a)    approve the amendment, or
(b)   after consultation with council, alter the amendment and approve the amendment as altered, or
(c)    decline to approve the amendment.

2.     Should the Minister approve the Amendment, the Minister must give an approval by notice in the Gazette and fix a day on which the amendment is consolidated into the Development Plan.

3.     Council staff will write to all submitters and advise them of the Minister’s decision and provide a response to their submission.

4.     Once the Amendment has been approved, the Minister must refer the DPA to the Environment, Resources and Development Committee of the Parliament for review.

Further information

For further information, please contact:

Craig Jones
Development Policy Planner
(08) 8384 0617

Reports and investigations to inform DPA

PDF icon png EBS Ecology, 2017, Aldinga Urban Lands Development Plan Amendment, Ecological Impacts Report (1.7Mb)
PDF icon png GTA Consultants, 2017, Aldinga Urban Lands Development Plan Amendment Transport Impact Assessment (2.2Mb)
PDF icon png MUD Environmental, April 2017, Preliminary Site Investigation (14.8Mb)
PDF icon png Rural Directions Pty Ltd, 2017, Aldinga DPA 2017, Assessment of Agricultural Interface (1.2Mb)
PDF icon png Sonus Pty Ltd, May 2017, Aldinga Urban Lands DPA, Noise Assessment (1.3Mb)
PDF icon png Tonkin Consulting, April 2017, Aldinga DPA Stormwater Investigation, Stormwater Management Plan (10.6Mb)
PDF icon png Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec, 2017, Aldinga Beach Land Rezoning, Preliminary Services Investigation (13.1Mb)
PDF icon png Holmes Dyer Pty Ltd visual analysis assessment 2017 (3.3Mb)
PDF icon png Holmes Dyer Pty Ltd social impact assessment Addendum 2017 (3.6Mb)
PDF icon png Holmes Dyer Pty Ltd housing assessment 2017 (40Mb)
PDF icon png Aldinga Urbal Lands Development Plan Amendment (2.2Mb)