Aldinga Urban Lands Development Plan Amendment

What is being proposed?

Council received a formal request for consideration of an externally funded Development Plan Amendment (DPA) from Remen Nominees Pty Ltd to consider the rezoning of land at Aldinga Beach (see map (1.4Mb).

Reference to the future rezoning of the land has been noted in successive Council Strategic Directions Reports (SDR) including the current SDR approved by Council on 13 August 2013 (link: and endorsed by the Minister for Planning February 2015.

In accordance with Council’s Externally Funded Development Plan Amendment procedure (117K), Remen Nominees provided a Statement of Justification (4.1Mb) (SoJ) for bringing the DPA forward in our DPA program.

A report was presented to Council’s Strategic Directions Committee (the Committee) on 3 November 2015 who approved the request from Remen to commence an externally funded DPA.

Who is funding the proposed?

The DPA process will be fully funded by Remen Nominees Pty Ltd including all investigations, legal costs and staff project management associated with the DPA.

Council will contain full control over the DPA process and decision making responsibilities in accordance with the Development Act 1993.

Why is the rezoning being proposed?

Aldinga Beach is expected to continue to grow over time, however land available for residential development is virtually all consumed, meaning that there are only small numbers of resales available to satisfy new housing demand. The shortage of available land means there is a need to commence rezoning of deferred urban land to meet this demand. The consequence of not providing additional land can result in a rise of residential land prices and a loss of what is currently a relatively affordable housing market; a scenario we want to avoid. 

Our Development Plan identifies the progressive rezoning of land at Aldinga Beach will occur in accordance with Concept Plan Map Onka/6 - Development Sequencing (Aldinga/Sellicks Beach) (270K). This is to maintain an adequate land supply in the region while ensuring undue pressure is not placed on infrastructure and social services. The trigger for rezoning is the development of more than 65 per cent of the residential land within the concept plan area. With development now at approximately 95 per cent, it is timely for a rezoning process to commence.

The subject land is currently zoned Deferred Urban which designates the land for future residential development. Council recognises the land as part of our growth management approach supporting population growth and housing choice to accommodate the future needs of our residents.

What area is being affected?

The area(s) affected by the proposed DPA are described as follows:

Site 1a

  • is 16.25 hectares of land located on the north western corner of the intersection of Hart Road and How Road, Aldinga Beach. The site is known as Lot 801 in Filed Plan 164 in the area named Aldinga Beach in the Hundred of Willunga and is contained within CT Vol. 3919 Folio 187.

Site 1b

  • is 8.13 hectares of land located at 240-258 Aldinga Beach Road, Aldinga Beach. The site is known as Allot 3 Sec 421 DP 13653 in the area named Aldinga Beach in the Hundred of Willunga and is contained within CT Vol. 5206 Folio 314.

PDF icon png View the area affected by the proposed DPA (1.4Mb)

When will the process commence?

Council cannot formally progress the DPA until the Minister for Planning has agreed to the Statement of Intent (SOI). This SOI was endorsed by Council on 2 February 2016 and subsequently lodged with the Minister for Planning. Once the SOI has been approved we will commence the necessary planning and engineering investigates and community consultation.

A DPA does not initiate the development of the land, but simply changes the zoning to direct future development. Subject to approval of the DPA, there are no indicative timeframes to when development may commence.

The following chart illustrates the DPA Process.

Aldinga Urban Lands DPA process flowchart


Community Engagement

You will have an opportunity to have a say regarding the future policy as part of the formal statutory consultation period. This engagement will comprise the following:

  • information on council’s website and council libraries on the draft DPA
  • advertising in the local Messenger (Southern Times)
  • mail out to residents and community groups

Formal community engagement can commence only when we receive Ministerial agreement on the SOI and Council’s approval on the draft DPA.

What is the purpose of community engagement on the DPA?

The role of engagement with the community for the DPA is to ensure that:

  • we understand the issues that should be resolved through the DPA
  • the community are made aware of the DPA, the issues nominated for review and the proposed approach of council
  • the proposed policy outcomes
  • provide opportunities for the community to give feedback and identify relative issues and concerns.

Further information

Craig Jones
Development Policy Planner
(08) 8384 0617