Aldinga Urban Lands Development Plan Amendment

What is being proposed?

The City of Onkaparinga is proposing to change the zoning of a 24 hectare section of privately owned land in Aldinga Beach. This area has been within the Deferred Urban Zone since the late 1980s. This means it has been identified and held for future urban development. 

We are now proposing to change the zoning to the Residential Zone. This change will be done through a Development Plan Amendment (DPA), which is the formal process for updating the Onkaparinga Development Plan.

This DPA has been requested and funded by the land owner, but it remains under the control of Council. Any proposed rezoning needs to align to both Council and State Government strategies with any ultimate approval given by the Minister for Planning.

PDF icon png Download the Aldinga Urban Lands DPA (2.2Mb)

What area is being affected?

The land proposed for rezoning comprises two sites:

  • Site 1 is 16 hectares of land located on the corner of the intersection of Hart Road and How Road.
  • Site 2 is the Southern Vales Christian College (8 hectares of land), located on Aldinga Beach Road.

The area is shown in the following map.

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This land has been within the Deferred Urban Zone since the late 1980s, which means it has been identified and held for future urban development until the appropriate time it is required.

What has happened so far?

In accordance with Council’s Externally Funded Development Plan Amendment procedure (117K), Remen Nominees Pty Ltd (the landowner) provided a Statement of Justification (SoJ) (4Mb) for bringing the DPA forward in our DPA program.

A report was presented to Council’s Strategic Directions Committee (the Committee) on 3 November 2015 which approved the request to commence an externally funded DPA.

The subsequent Statement of Intent (SOI) was endorsed by Council on 2 February 2016 and subsequently lodged with the Minister for Planning. 

The Minister for Planning granted approval of the SOI on 1 December 2016. In January 2017 a funding agreement was entered into with the proponent and the DPA investigations commenced.  

Prior to receiving the request, Council’s Strategic Directions Report (SDR) identified the land for future rezoning. The SDR was approved by Council on 13 August 2013 and was endorsed by the Minister for Planning in February 2015.

Who is funding the DPA?

The DPA process will be fully funded by Remen Nominees Pty Ltd including all investigations, legal costs and staff project management associated with the DPA.

Council will contain full control over the DPA process and decision making responsibilities in accordance with the Development Act 1993.

Any proposed rezoning needs to align to both Council and State Government strategies and any ultimate approval must be obtained from the Minister for Planning.

A DPA does not initiate the development of the land, but simply changes the zoning to direct future development. At this stage there is no indication of the timeframes to when development may commence.

Why is the rezoning being proposed?

Aldinga Beach is expected to continue to grow, however there is very little Residential zoned land available for new housing development. The shortage of available land means there is a need to commence rezoning of Deferred Urban land to meet this demand.

The Onkaparinga Development Plan identifies the progressive rezoning of land at Aldinga Beach will occur in accordance with Concept Plan Map Onka/6 - Development Sequencing (Aldinga/Sellicks Beach) (241K).

This is to maintain an adequate land supply in the region while ensuring undue pressure is not placed on infrastructure and social services. The trigger for rezoning is the development of more than 65 per cent of the residential land within the concept plan area. With development now at approximately 95 per cent, it is timely for a rezoning process to commence.

What will the zoning changes mean?

Rezoning the land will enable a low density, low-rise master-planned housing community to be developed and improve land supply to meet demand.

The rezoning will introduce policy that allows future development to provide pedestrian and cycling paths, and linkages into the Aldinga to Sellicks Trail. It is envisaged that new roads will connect to the wider area through the existing road network. Upgrades will be required for How Road, and the Aldinga Beach / How Roads intersection.

An opportunity has been identified for the site’s stormwater management to be provided through the adjacent Hart Road Wetlands. If this proceeds, council will work with and guide the developer to ensure the environmental and hydrology matters are appropriately managed.

What cannot be changed and is not part of this DPA

We recognise the land is near areas that are of ecological, natural or scenic importance.

Council is not proposing any changes to the McLaren Vale Character Preservation District. No housing development will be allowed in this area.

There will be no rezoning changes to the Aldinga Scrub Conservation Park or Hart Road Wetlands.

Policies will be introduced to ensure that new development will be carefully designed to avoid negative physical and visual impacts to the McLaren Vale Character Preservation District, the Aldinga Scrub Conservation Park and Hart Road Wetlands. 

How would rezoning affect the school?

Schools are an anticipated land use within a Residential Zone, so the operation of the school would not change as a result of this DPA. The school site is included within the scope of the DPA as it is adjacent to Site 1 and surrounded by Residential Zone land.

Community Engagement

Consultation on the draft DPA concluded on Friday 18 May 2018.

Copies of the written submissions received during the consultation period can be downloaded below. 

PDF icon png Submissions (32K)

Public Meeting

A Public Meeting was held Tuesday 5 June 2018 at the City of Onkaparinga Council Chamber, Noarlunga Centre. 

Those who made a written submission had the opportunity to speak in support of their submission. 

Next steps

We will now consider all submissions made on the draft Aldinga Urban Lands DPA.

A Summary of Consultation and Proposed Amendments (SCPA) report will be presented to Council at its meeting scheduled Tuesday 17 July 2018. The SCPA will summarise all written and verbal submissions and present the proposed planning policy for approval. 

Further information

For further information of the draft DPA, please contact:

Craig Jones
Development Policy Planner
(08) 8384 0617

Reports and investigations to inform DPA

PDF icon png EBS Ecology, 2017, Aldinga Urban Lands Development Plan Amendment, Ecological Impacts Report (1.7Mb)
PDF icon png GTA Consultants, 2017, Aldinga Urban Lands Development Plan Amendment Transport Impact Assessment (2.2Mb)
PDF icon png MUD Environmental, April 2017, Preliminary Site Investigation (14.8Mb)
PDF icon png Rural Directions Pty Ltd, 2017, Aldinga DPA 2017, Assessment of Agricultural Interface (1.2Mb)
PDF icon png Sonus Pty Ltd, May 2017, Aldinga Urban Lands DPA, Noise Assessment (1.3Mb)
PDF icon png Tonkin Consulting, April 2017, Aldinga DPA Stormwater Investigation, Stormwater Management Plan (10.6Mb)
PDF icon png Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec, 2017, Aldinga Beach Land Rezoning, Preliminary Services Investigation (13.1Mb)
PDF icon png Holmes Dyer Pty Ltd visual analysis assessment 2017 (3.3Mb)
PDF icon png Holmes Dyer Pty Ltd social impact assessment Addendum 2017 (3.6Mb)
PDF icon png Holmes Dyer Pty Ltd housing assessment 2017 (40Mb)