Hackham South East Development Plan Amendment


The Minister for Planning on 27 March 2015 approved the Hackham South East DPA.

As required under the Development Act 1993 the Minister placed a notice in the Government Gazette, published on Thursday 9 April 2015 to formalise his approval.

The Amendment was consolidated into the City of Onkaparinga Development Plan on 16 April 2015. A copy of the Onkaparinga Development Plan can be viewed online at www.sa.gov.au under ‘Online development plans’. 


What are the changes to the Onkaparinga Development Plan?

The Hackham South East DPA has introduced the Co-ordinated Development Policy Area 67 into the Residential Zone together with the Hackham / Onkaparinga Hills Concept Plan.

The affected area is situated east of Main South Road, north of Hepenstal Road, west of the Hills Face Zone boundary and south of Penneys Rise in the suburbs of Hackham and Onkaparinga.

Key changes revolve around rezoning the land from Rural Living to Residential to support residential development to accommodate some of the city’s population growth and contribute to the South Australian 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide’s objective of a 15-year supply of land zoned for residential development.

This new policy supports development that delivers a diverse housing range, providing a mix of lifestyles and aspirations in a high amenity area and encourages development and infrastructure provision to be highly co-ordinated between development sites. 


For further information

A Questions and Answer Information Sheet has been prepared to provide further information on the DPA, Infrastructure Contribution Agreement and other relevant information.

Please contact Craig Jones, Development Policy Planner on 8384 0617, or via email crajon@onkaparinga.sa.gov.au



As part of the Hackham South East Development Plan Amendment, council engaged Aurecon Australia to undertake relevant investigations relating to infrastructure requirements, costs and funding modelling for the lands potential to accommodate urban development. The following reports contain their findings.