Development Plan Review

The South Australian Planning Strategy sets out the state government’s strategic directions for land use and the physical development of the state. The Planning Strategy is comprised of several volumes covering the different geographic regions of the state. The relevant volume applicable to the City of Onkaparinga is The 30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide.

Under the Development Act 1993 (the Act), the state government must review and update each volume of the Planning Strategy at least once every five years. All councils must ensure their Development Plans are consistent with the relevant volume for their area. The statutory process for achieving this alignment is set out in section 30 of the Act and is known as the ‘section 30 review process’.

The section 30 review process requires all councils to review the policies in their Development Plans and produce a Strategic Directions Report (SDR) following any significant alteration to the Planning Strategy. Councils must produce an SDR not less than every five years.

The SDR is intended to outline a strategic vision for growth in the council area by means of a program of Development Plan Amendments (DPAs) to translate the strategic vision into Development Plan content.

In particular, the SDR should identify the council’s priority actions for:

  • achieving orderly and efficient development through the implementation of planning policies
  • integrating transport and land-use planning within its area
  • implementing the relevant policies and targets in the Planning Strategy
  • implementing the affordable housing policies in the Planning Strategy
  • infrastructure planning (including both physical and social infrastructure)
  • any other projects or initiatives considered to be of strategic importance by the council.

The last review commenced in 2011 which was in response to the introduction of The 30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide into the State Planning Strategy.

A Strategic Directions Report, which contains the DPA program for the next five years and incorporates the findings of the Development Plan Review, is available below:

Adobe PDF Document2013 Strategic Directions Report (1511 KB)
Adobe PDF Document2013 Strategic Directions Report Appendix 1 - 2011 Development Plan Review Discussion Paper (898 KB)
Adobe PDF Document2013 Strategic Directions Report Appendix 2 - Community Engagement Strategy (238 KB)
Adobe PDF Document2013 Strategic Directions Report Appendix 3 - Development Plan Amendment Priorities Analysis (1912 KB)
Adobe PDF Document2013 Strategic Directions Report Appendix 4 - Projected Dwelling and Population Estimates to 2032 (482 KB)
Adobe PDF DocumentCorrespondence to Minister for Planning seeking amendments (1278 KB)
Adobe PDF DocumentDevelopment Plan Review - Letter of Ministerial agreement to Council’s Strategic Directions Report (149 KB)