Statements of Intent

Once council has determined that a Development Plan Amendment (DPA) is required, it must reach a formal agreement with the Minister regarding the matters to be considered and the processes to be undertaken when changing the Development Plan.

This agreement is called a Statement of Intent (SOI).

The Statement of Intent is effectively a ‘project brief’ which:

  • describes why the DPA is needed and what is being proposed
  • confirms the relevant Planning Strategy policies that will be addressed through the DPA
  • identifies the link between the proposed DPA and council's Strategic Directions Report
  • identifies the current policies in the development plan and related policies that will be considered through the DPA
  • outlines the nature of the investigations and who will be consulted on the DPA
  • outlines the DPA's proposed process and timetable
  • gives assurance that the documentation standards in the DPA will be produced to an acceptable technical standard.

Ideally, the SOI’s proposed scope will be concise and manageable, by addressing a single issue or confining the proposed amendment to a single area.

Once the SOI is agreed by the council and the Minister, the DPA process can commence.

Council has adopted the following SOIs which were agreed between the Council and the Minister for Planning, for DPAs currently being developed for consultation:

PDF icon png Employment Lands (767K)

PDF icon png Draft Statement of Intent - Strategic Directions Committee Agenda 10 October 2017 (15.4Mb)
PDF icon png Former Hardy's Winery Site at Old Reynella - fact sheet (342K)