Mandatory notifications of building work

Online notifications of building work & provision of truss information

The Development Act and Regulations require that at prescribed stages of building work, council be notified of the stage. The notification is to be provided by the builder where the building work is being carried out by a licenced building work contractor, and where there is no such building work contractor, by the building owner.

Notification was provided with the development approval in relation to the stages where you are required to notify council. The following options allow you to provide notification to council of a prescribed stage of building work.

A provision has also been provided for the manufacturer of the roof truss system to provide, prior to the manufacture of the trusses, notification of the provision of roof truss information and attach the relevant files in the appropriate section below.

You will be provided with an email receipt at each stage of council being notified. You are advised to keep a copy of this receipt for your records.

Please click on the relevant option below to notify council electronically of the prescribed stage of building work:

Notification of commencement of building work
Notification of the completion of building work
Notification of statement of compliance
Notification of the completion of all roof framing
Notification of the supervisor’s checklist-Reg.74
Notification of roof truss information (Reg.74A)
Notification prior to filling a swimming pool
Notification of pool/spa safety barrier completion
Notification prior to the pouring of footings
Notification of the completion of party walls
Notification of the completion of cavity walls

Further information

If you are undertaking building work as an ‘owner builder’, you are required to engage a registered building work supervisor who has undertaken the required training. For a list of registered building work supervisors refer to Registered building work supervisors for roof framing—Government of South Australia.

The registered building work supervisor is to inspect the building work and provide to council a completed copy of the ‘Regulation 74—Supervisors Checklist’.

Notification of building work must be given to council at each stage identified within the approval documentation.  These are generally within 1 business day of the intended commencement and completion of the work and within 1 business day of completion of the roof framing.

Following notification of the completion of roof framing, a person must not conceal any completed roof framing until after the expiration of two (2) clear business days after the notice of completion has been received by council.

The completed ‘Regulation 74—Supervisors Checklist’ is required to be provided to council within one (1) clear business day after the notice of completion of the roof framing is provided. Notwithstanding this requirement, opportunity is provided for you to attach the checklist at the time of notifying council of the completion of the roof framing.

For a copy of the Regulation 74—Supervisors checklist, refer to either Building policy news and practitioner forms or obtain it from our website at Forms & information sheets.