Changes to the DCSI concessions process for Council CWMS customers

Department of Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI) are changing the way they process and pay council sewerage concession for Community Wastewater Management Systems (CWMS).

Previously, DCSI assessed applications and advised council to apply the sewerage concession as a credit on the annual rate notice.

From 1 July 2017 DCSI are introducing a simpler more streamlined system.

  • Councils will no longer be provided with any State Concessions information
  • CWMS (Sewerage) concessions will therefore not appear on annual rate notices.
  • CWMS (Sewerage) concessions will be paid directly to the customer

In January 2017 DCSI wrote to all current customers receiving CWMS concessions on their Council Rate Notices, advising that from 1 July 2017 that these concessions will be paid directly to the customer. This payment is in addition to the Cost of Living Concession (COLC) payment (where a customer is eligible and registered with DCSI). Concession holders will receive these payments via EFT into their bank account in late September.

Please note that Council has no part in approving or providing these concessions.

All enquiries should be directed to the DCSI Concessions Hotline either by telephone on 1800 307 758 or by email at

Council will write to all affected customers in early July to remind them of this change.

When concession holders receive their Annual Rates Notices, the CWMS concession will no longer appear on the account as it has done in the past and the full CWMS amount will be payable by concession holders. As such the amount payable will appear to be higher than in previous years because the concession amount is being paid directly to eligible households rather than to council.

It is therefore recommended that, on receipt of the CWMS concession payment and the Cost of Living Concession payment, concession holders make an equivalent payment to their rates account to bring the balance payable in line with previous years.

All concession enquiries should be directed to the DCSI Concessions Hotline 1800 307 758 or visit

Please refer to the Concessions Fact Sheet on this webpage for further information and frequently asked questions (FAQ’s).