Rates & Rating policy

Following a public engagement process, a rating policy is set each year (as part of developing our Annual Business Plan). The rating policy outlines how rates will be applied and calculated.

Our Rating Policy for 2018-19 is based on a structure very similar to that applied during 2017-18 and includes:

  • a fixed charge to apply to all properties as part of the general rate
  • the maintenance of different rates for different land use categories, and retaining the same percentage of total rate revenue for each category, taking account of any growth within the category
  • the maintenance of an automatic rebate to properties with a residential land use to cap any increase in the general rates at 10 per cent based on the same eligibility criteria as in previous years with a provision for application
  • separate rates will be used to apply NRM Levies which council must collect on behalf of the state government
  • service charges will apply to properties where access to Community Wastewater Management Systems (CWMS) is provided.

Note - CWMS Service Charge Increase for 2018-19:
Legislation amendments have changed the way CWMS service charges must be calculated. This has resulted in a large increase in this Service Charge this year.  To lessen the impact of the increase, for 2018-19 Council will apply a $119 rebate (per unit) to properties subject to CWMS Service charges. This rebate is to assist with the transition to the Essential Services Commission of SA (ESCOSA) full cost recovery pricing requirements.

Rate rebates, rate capping and remissions are also determined each year as part of the rating policy.