Rebates and remissions for hardship

Council rebates

Rate capping rebate

Council has recognised the effect that significant valuation movements have had on the amount of rates paid by some residents. We have identified the most appropriate mechanism to deal with this issue is to apply a rebate 'cap'.

A 10 per cent rate cap will be applied to properties with a residential land use  subject to specific criteria. This rebate will only be granted if the increase in rates is not a result of: significant development of the property (regardless of when the development was undertaken); change in land use; or a change in ownership since 1 July 2016.

The rate cap will be applied automatically to properties that can be readily identified as being eligible. Where this rebate is not applied automatically, ratepayers who consider they could be eligible for the rate capping rebate may lodge an application form, which will be assessed against the eligibility criteria. The application must be lodged by 30 June of that financial year.

Other council rebates

Certain persons and/or organisations may be eligible for a council rebate, eg community groups, health and education organisations etc. Council rebates can only be granted under criteria specified in our legislation.

Our Rate Rebate Policy provides details of the mandatory and discretionary rebates available. Applications for rate rebates must be lodged within 60 days of receipt of the annual rates notice in each financial year.

Remission for rates - financial hardship

Council recognises that instances of ongoing financial hardship are experienced by some ratepayers. We will consider applications for rates remissions where ongoing hardship can be substantiated by approved financial counsellors. Applications for rate remissions based on Hardship will be considered under Council’s Hardship Policy.