City of Onkaparinga emissions

The City of Onkaparinga creates greenhouse gas emissions by using energy in the buildings that we own such as libraries, community centres, recreation facilities and council offices. The two main other causes of emissions are streetlighting and fuel to run our kerbside waste services. Smaller areas of emissions include the waste from our offices and construction and maintenance activities, and refrigerant gases from air conditioning units.

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and since 1998 we have been measuring our emissions each year to track our progress.

Our corporate emissions in 2015-16 were 10,122 Tonnes CO2e. Our overall emissions have reduced by 30% since our baseline year of 2009-10 due to a range of initiatives.   We can’t expect them to continue to go down given the increased population but we can keep working on reducing the carbon intensity of the services that we provide. For information on how we are planning to achieve this view the Green City Strategic Management Plan (1.3Mb).

For more information please contact Jenni McGlennon on (08) 8384 0667 or