Acacia Terrace wetland

Located in the Aldinga Scrub Reserve at Aldinga Beach, the Acacia Terrace wetland utilises an aquifer storage and recovery scheme to maintain permanent water throughout the year.

Acacia Terrace wetlands

The wetland was constructed to solve flooding issues in nearby Treasure and Boomerang Streets, avoiding the need to discharge additional urban stormwater run-off to Gulf St Vincent in the vicinity of the Aldinga Reef aquatic reserve.

The wetland was constructed in 1997 with the support of the state government’s Catchment Management Subsidy Scheme. The Friends of Aldinga Scrub, a voluntary community organisation, plays a critical role in the ongoing success of the wetland.

The purpose of the wetland is to enable stormwater from the Treasure Street catchment area to be managed effectively without causing negative impacts on the environment. The wetland itself treats the stormwater from the catchment whilst providing an important habitat for wetland flora and fauna.

The wetland consists of a single pond of varying depth (maximum depth of approximately 3 metres) and has been planted out with native vegetation in order to enhance water quality and ecological value.

During the wet winter months, water from the wetland is injected by an automated pumping system into the underground aquifer. Ongoing monitoring ensures that the quality of water injected into the aquifer exceeds Environmental Protection Authority licensing requirements.

In summer, when the evaporation losses would usually mean the wetland would dry out, the pump automatically draws water back from the aquifer to maintain water levels and protect the dependent ecosystems.