Energy advisory service

We work in partnership with the State Government’s Energy Partners Program to ensure Onkaparinga residents have access to the latest information on how to manage their energy use and costs.

The program is complementary to the South Australian government's Energy Advisory Service which provides free independent information, advice and resources to assist householders minimise home energy use and reduce related greenhouse gas emissions without compromising on comfort.

Check and reduce your energy use

  • Home energy audit
  • Easy energy saving tips
  • Energy use at home
  • Understand energy bills
  • Appliance running costs
  • Contact the Energy Advisory Service
  • Help to save energy at home
  • How to read meters
  • Energy rating labels
  • Compare your electricity use
  • Manage your energy bills

Energy efficient home design

  • Insulation, ventilation and draught proofing
  • Thermal performance of your home - orientation, location and layout
  • Glazing and shading
  • Interactive energy efficient home
  • Six star energy efficiency requirements
  • House energy rating assessors

Household appliances and other energy users

  • Heating and cooling
  • Fridges, freezers and cooking
  • Computers and home office equipment
  • Lighting
  • Swimming pools and spas
  • Water heating
  • Stand-by power
  • Home entertainment appliances
  • Washing machines and clothes dryers