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The use of recycled water is increasing in Australia as we become more water efficient.  By using recycled and alternate water supplies we are reducing the stress on our traditional drinking water sources.


How is the CWMS quarterly fee determined?

With regard to your quarterly fee, which you receive on your general rates notice, the City of Onkaparinga levies a service charge for the provision of CWMS (as a prescribed service) in accord with the Local Government Act 1999, which in particular through Section 155 (5) establishes that we cannot realise a ‘profit’ on the operation of a prescribed service. However it is important that the financial management of the system supports the ongoing operation and management of the system to meet current and future needs.

The costs attributed to the scheme consist of:

  • Income – generated from annual service fees, new connections and trade waste services
  • Expenditure – operations and maintenance of the wastewater treatment plant and items such as desludging (which is the activity that occurs at your home once every 4 years), utilities, insurance, staffing etc
  • Project and capital works – major maintenance projects or capital upgrades on the CWMS in accordance with the recommended schedule of works.

Please note that in the coming years we will see changes in the charging regime for the customers of the CWMS in response to the South Australian Governments Water industry Act 2012. This Act establishes the regulatory framework for the water and sewerage industry covering economic regulation, technical regulation, water planning and customer complaint handling. We are currently working with the Essential Services Commission of South Australia (ESCOSA – as the economic regulatory) on the implementation of the Act with particular regard to the careful balance between our obligations under this and the Local Government Act 1999. For your information for the interim period the nature of our pricing structure of the management of our CWMS has been deemed as satisfactory by the ESCOSA through its first price determination for minor and intermediate retailers.


Last upated: 13 September 2016