Classroom resources

Library Bookable Collection - available to schools and organisations only!

Play and learn!

We have a selection of additional resources to support classroom education. These resources focus on recycling, waste minimisation and sustainability.

Available from the Bookable Collection at the Woodcroft library, these resources are offered to City of Onkaparinga educational organisations only.

Contact the Woodcroft Library on 8384 0500 to book and arrange collection.
* Please note: an organisational membership is required.

Playmat games:

  • Recycle Twist

    Don’t get in a twist about recycling! Spin the spinner and make your move. However, you can only make a move if you can tell what goes in which bin. The last person standing wins.
  • The Three Rs

    How well do you know the Three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle? Roll the dice and move forward. The first one to the final square wins, but watch out for those tricky quiz squares along the way!

    For younger players change the quiz squares to a roll-again option.
    Playmat is 3x3m
  • Recycling Snakes & Ladders

    It's classic Snakes and Ladders with a twist. If you recycle right you’ll find an easy shortcut, but you’d better watch out that you don’t get dumped by the rubbish trucks!

    Playmat is 3x3m

Class education resources

  • Papermaking class set

    Recycle used school or household paper into handmade paper with our easy to use paper making kits.

    The class set includes three sets/papermaking kits.
  • Paper beads (recycled paper bead maker) class set

    The Recycled Paper Beads kit teaches the value of recycling in a hands-on way. Simply insert strips of paper into the tool and turn the handle to create decorative paper beads.

    The paper bead tool fits most plastic bottle designs (for storing beads as they’re made).

    The class set includes 15 bead-making units.
  • See-through composting unit

    Three separate, aerated compartments of the compost container enable children to view the entire decomposition process clearly and make side-by-side comparisons between different materials. Each unit includes thermometers to demonstrate temperature changes during the decomposition process.

    Term-long loan period.
  • See-through worm farm

    The worm farm gives a captivating insight into the amazing world of worms, in the same way an ant farm can teach you about ants. View the worms going about their daily routines - even grow a mini garden for them to see them eating and tunnelling.
  • Mini-bin Game class set

    The Mini-bin Game includes miniature versions of the home bin system, and picture cards of items to be sorted. Kids get thinking about helping the earth as they sort objects into recycling, green organics and waste to landfill bins.

    The class set includes 10 sets of the mini-bin game.

Other resources

The libraries’ bookable collection also includes the following resources:

  • Smoothie bike

    Promote healthy eating, exercise and sustainable energy in a unique and engaging way by making your own healthy, pedal powered smoothies.
  • Imagination Playground

    This popular collection is designed for large indoor or outdoor spaces such as playgrounds, schools, gyms, parks, museums, or child care facilities. It includes bricks and cylinders, accented with chutes, channels and parts that suggest motion or connectivity. They inspire children to design their own inventions, environments and activities.


* Organisational membership to the City of Onkaparinga Libraries can be arranged upon provision of a statement/letter:

  • on organisational letterhead
  • stating that the organisation will be responsible /pay for any damage or losses
  • signed by a person with financial authority