Education Resource Kits

Our Educational Resource Kits are available to support City of Onkaparinga’s educational organisations and home schoolers to start first stage learning around various aspects of recycling and waste minimisation. Kits are also available to residents of City of Onkaparinga.

Each pack contains between 8-15 items, along with an information sheet leading to other related visual and online resources. Resources are primarily books, but some packs include DVDs, CDs or CD-ROMs.

Resources are current publications (most published within the past 3-5 years) which support the National Curriculum and Early Learning Years Framework (ELYF).

Kits include:

Composting Early Years-Upper Primary
Litter, dumping and marine debris Early Years-Upper Primary
Recycling Early Years-Upper Primary
Recycling Middle-Upper Primary
Sustainable Choices Early Years-Upper Primary
Sustainable Choices Middle-Upper Primary
Worms & Worm Farming Early Years-Upper Primary

Kits are available via the public library system. They can be reserved to your local City of Onkaparinga library


Composting [kit]: educational resource pack                          Early Years-Upper Primary

  • Caillou: the magic of compost by Sarah Margaret Johanson
  • Compost by Phillippa Creek
  • Compost: a family guide to making soil from scraps by Ben Raskin
  • Compost basics by Mari Schuh
  • Compost stew: an A to Z recipe for the Earth by Mary McKenna Siddals
  • Composting: nature's recyclers by Robin Koontz
  • Minibeasts in the compost heap by Sarah Ridley
  • What's sprouting in my trash? a book about composting by Esther Porter
  • Dirtgirl: the rubbish collection [CD]
  • Composting kids [DVD]


Litter, dumping and marine debris [kit]: educations resource pack         Early Years-Middle Primary

  • All the way to the ocean by Joel Harper
  • Endangered oceans by Jody Sullivan Rake
  • Endangered rivers by Jody Sullivan Rake
  • Garbage guts by PhD Heidi Auman
  • I can save the ocean: The little green monster cleans up the beach by Viviana Garofoli
  • Plastic ahoy! Investigating the Great Pacific Garbage Patch by Patricia Newman
  • Plastic pollution by Geof Knight
  • Poisoned rivers and lakes (Green World, Clean World) by Ellen Lawrence
  • Polluted oceans (Green World, Clean World) by Ellen Lawrence
  • Sea Change by Joel Harper
  • Sydney & Simon go green by Paula Reynolds
  • Trash talk by Amy Tilmont
  • Trash talk: moving towards a zero waste world by Michelle Mulder
  • Curiosity Quest goes green: Algalita [DVD] Marine research & education


Recycling [kit]: educational resource pack         Early Years-Middle Primary

  • The adventures of an aluminum can: a story about recycling by Alison Inches
  • The adventures of a plastic bottle: a story about recycling by Alison Inches
  • Garbage trucks by Marv Alinas
  • In the bin by Kellie Bollard
  • Michael Recycle by Ellie Bethel
  • Plastic (From trash to treasure) by Daniel Nunn
  • Rally for recycling by Lisa Bullard
  • See inside waste & recycling by Alex Frith
  • The Three R'S: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle by Nuria Roca
  • Trash magic: a book about recycling a plastic bottle by Angie LePetit
  • We are extremely very good recyclers by Lauren Child
  • Why should I recycle? by Jen Green
  • Stuff! Making sustainable choices at home [CD-ROM] by KESAB Environmental Solutions


Recycling [kit]: educational resource pack         Middle–Upper Primary

  • Engineering an awesome Recycling Centre with Max Axiom (Graphic novel) by Nicole Brooks Bethea
  • How effective is recycling? by Catherine Chambers
  • How recycling works by Geoff Barker
  • Recycling (green kids) by Neil Morris
  • Reducing and recycling waste by Jen Green
  • Rubbish and Recycling: step by step by Gerard Bertolini & Claire Delelande
  • Trash to treasure: A Kid's Upcycling Guide to Crafts by Pam Scheunemann
  • What happens when we recycle food and garden waste by Jillian Powell
  • What happens when we recycle glass by Jillian Powell
  • What happens when we recycle metal by Jillian Powell
  • What happens when we recycle paper by Jillian Powell
  • What happens when we recycle plastic by Jillian Powell
  • Why should I recycle?  by Susan Meredith


Sustainable Choices [kit]: educational resource pack            Early Years-Middle Primary

  • Be an ECO hero at home by Susan Barraclough
  • Be an ECO hero at school by Susan Barraclough
  • How to help the Earth (by the Lorax) by Trish Rabe
  • Look after your planet (Charlie & Lola) by Lauren Child
  • Look out for litter by Lisa Bullard
  • The Lorax by Dr Seuss
  • Michael Recycle meets Litterbug Doug by Ellie Bethel
  • Need it or want it? by Colleen Hord
  • Why should I protect nature? by Jen Green
  • Look after your planet (Charlie & Lola) [DVD]
  • Dirtgirl: Dig the Earth [DVD]
  • The environment: promoting sustainability Ages 6-8 [Teacher resource] by Amelia Ruscoe & Naomi Budden


Sustainable Choices [kit]: educational resource pack            Middle–Upper Primary

  • 101 ways to save the planet by Deborah Underwood OR 101 ways you can help save the planet before you're 12!        
  • Be the change for the environment by Paula Smith
  • The environment by M Allaby     
  • Environment infographics by Chris Oxlade
  • Green homes by Saranne Taylor
  • The green mother goose: saving the world one rhyme at a time by Jan Peck & David Davis
  • How carbon footprints work by Nick Hunter
  • Human footprint: everything you will eat, use, wear, buy, & throw out in your lifetime by Ellen Kirk
  • Nature crafts for Aussie Kids by Kate Hubmayer
  • Not your typical book about the environment by Elin Kelsey
  • Planet in peril: with tons of Earth-saving tips (Horrible Geography) by Anita Ganeri
  • What happens when we recycle water by Jillian Powell
  • Why should I bother about the planet?  by Sue Meredith
  • The Lorax [DVD]


Worms & Worm Farming [kit]: educational resource pack                  Early Years-Upper Primary

  • A worm's eye view: the history of the world (as told by Wilbur Worm) by Caren Trafford
  • Composting: decomposition (Do it yourself) by Buffy Silverman
  • Don't poke a worm till it wriggles by Celia Warren
  • Inside the worm's hole by Meish Goldish
  • Worms (Creepy Crawlies) by Sian Smith
  • Worms (Creepy Creatures) by Valerie Bodden
  • Worms: the mechanics of organics by Kellie Bollard
  • Yucky worms by Vivian French