Lesson plans

These free online lesson plans are available to help teachers with information about waste minimisation, recycling and litter prevention. Where relevant, they focus on local waste and recycling information, practices and operations.

These lesson plans have been designed by qualified educators with waste and recycling knowledge to help teachers meet curriculum objectives.  Australia curriculum links are provided with each lesson.

All lesson plans are in PDF format.

Title Age group Size
Charlie & Lola recycle Early years 195K
In the bin
with bin activity sheets
Early years 121K
Reusing things Early years 117K
Where does household waste go? Early years 161K
Upcycling: the creative reuse of items and materials Middle years 166K
Material recovery facility Middle - upper years 113K
Recycling research Middle - upper years 124K
Three bin service sorting game Middle - upper years 127K
Waste and recycling board game Middle - upper years 123K
What is recycling and why do we recycle? Middle - upper years 382K