Kerbside bin collection service

Bins are collected Monday to Friday, including all public holidays except Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. On these two days and the remaining days of those weeks, collections will occur a day later than your usual collection day.

Bins must be out for collection by 6am on the nominated collection day or the night before. This time may change during periods of extreme hot weather.




When are my bins emptied?

The best way to access your bin collection schedule is through the mobile phone app available called My Local Services, which will identify your collection days and send a bin reminder notification the night before scheduled collection.

Dates can also be accessed on our online bin collection search where we have the option for collection dates to be downloaded to your device or you can download a printable PDF.

Hard copy calendars are delivered to households in June of each year. To manage the delivery as efficiently and cos effectively as possible, they are delivered with advertising materials, so remember to check you junk mail deliveries carefully!

Hard copy calendars are also available for collection at our Customer Service offices, Library locations and at most Community Centres


Who owns my bin?

The City of Onkaparinga retains ownership of all bins, and all bins must remain at the property for the next occupant if you leave or sell your property.

Bins that are not City of Onkaparinga branded will not be emptied. It will be the responsibility of the resident to get any non-compliant bins emptied. Failure to comply may result in their removal.


How do I report a problem with my bin? (missed / damaged / stolen / missing)

Any problems with bins can be reported to our Customer Relations team on 8384 0666 or by clicking on one of the quick links below: 




How many bins can I have?

Residential properties

We provide each rateable house or unit* with the following bins for household recycling, green organics and waste to landfill.

1 x 240 litre yellow-lidded recycling bin
1 x 240 litre green-lidded green organics bin
1 x 140 litre red-lidded waste to landfill bin.

Additional bins are available upon application - fees apply (see ‘Can I request additional bins and do fees apply?’ information below).

*Exceptions may apply due to dwelling density, location, service availability or development application restrictions

Business/commercial properties

Each rateable commercial property* can access the following bins for recycling, green organics and waste to landfill.

1 x 240 litre yellow-lidded recycling bin
1 x 140 litre red-lidded waste to landfill bin.
1 x 240 litre green-lidded organics bin - please note the following:

  • service is only available where the business is located within an existing collection round
  • annual fee applies (see additional bins information below)
  • application is required in writing.

Additional bins are available upon application - fees apply (see ‘Can I request additional bins and do fees apply?’ information below).

*Unless otherwise indicated in the development application plan

Vacant land

Each rateable vacant block with a shed or other infrastructure, can apply for a green organics and a waste to landfill bin. You should apply in writing to the Team Leader, Waste Management. If approved, bins will be supplied to the block.

Schools, Kindergartens, Churches & Community organisations

We support our local community, so limited services are available to these organisations.

For more information about service entitlements and how to apply for them please contact our Waste Administration team on 08 8384 0666.

Can I request additional bins and do fees apply?

Sometimes one bin is not quite enough. Additional bins are available for residential properties for an annual fee for service (per bin) which is currently:

Waste to landfill bin small

Waste - $140.00

1 additional bin available
Additional bins will have a green body and an orange lid

Recycling bin small

Recycling - $43.00

Up to 2 additional bins available
Additional bins will have a green body and a mustard yellow lid
Green organics bin

Green organics - $31.50

Up to 2 additional bins available
Additional bins will have a green body and a lime green lid

The additional bin fees are for the servicing of the bin. Please note that all bins remain the property of the City of Onkaparinga.

You can request an additional bin by contacting our Customer Relations team on 8384 0666 or by clicking on the below quick link:




Moving on?

Do not forget to let us know if you wish to relocate your additional service, if no longer require the service or if you are selling your property. Otherwise, you will continue to receive invoices even if someone else is using the bin.

Hardship Support 

In some circumstances, additional bins may be provided without charge. Once a request is received, a customer request will be created and provided to the Team Leader, Waste and Recycling for consideration.

Each application will be considered on its own merit.




Why has my bin been stickered?

When we came to collect your bin, we noticed there was a problem, which meant we could not empty your bin today. These issues must be corrected before your next scheduled collection for the bin to be emptied.

Your bin has been stickered because:

Reason What you need to do
No clear access to the bin Clear any obstacles to allow the truck clear access to the bin
Bin is overfull Remove some material from the bin
Bin is too heavy Remove some material from the bin
Bin is not a City of Onkaparinga bin Use City of Onkaparinga bins only - contact council to remove the bin
Bin contains inappropriate materials (contamination) Remove contaminating materials from the bin
Bin is in the wrong position Place your bin at the kerb with the handles facing the house
Bins have not been returned from the kerb Take your bin in as soon as possible after emptying (within 24 hours of collection)

For more information, please contact our Customer Relations team on (08) 8384 0666.


Where do I put my bin for collection?

Over 115,000 bins are picked up and emptied across Onkaparinga every week, so it is important that we work together to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

You can help us by:

  • placing your bins on the kerb the night before your scheduled collection
  • placing your bins in a position that is visible from the road and suitable for the truck to collect it
  • positioning your bins for collection with the wheels away from the kerb and avoiding blocking the footpath
  • returning your bins from the kerb within 24 hours of collection
  • only using City of Onkaparinga bins (non-council bins may be removed)

It is not always easy for our drivers to collect bins – there are a number of obstacles each day. Some of the common problems they face include:

A problem for us How you can help
Bins too close together Leave at least a 50cm gap between bins
Bins too close to poles, letterboxes or cars Keep bins well clear of these things
Bins too close to trees and overhead lines Ensure bins are well clear (bin is lifted up 4.2m)
Bins too heavy Keep your bin under 45kg (waste bin) or 70kg (recycling
& green organics)
Bins overflowing or material left on or next to bins All material must comfortably fit within the bin so the lid can still close securely

Bin placement


Will my bin be collected on fire danger days & during extreme hot weather?

Extreme hot weather

When a prolonged period of extreme hot weather is experienced, we shift collection times to earlier than normal. In situations when the weather bureau forecasts five successive days over 35°C, or three successive days over 40°C, the collection team will begin 30 minutes earlier than usual.

Therefore, a 6am start in extreme hot weather will change to 5.30am. This will give our hardworking crews an extra half-hour of working in the cooler part of the day, reducing their heat stress and reducing the chance of machinery to overheat in these conditions as well.

Please have your bins out by 5.30 am in these extreme heat situations. We appreciate your support.

Catastrophic & extreme fire danger days

Waste and recycling collections will be postponed on days declared catastrophic or extreme by the national Fire Danger Rating system. This is to ensure the safety of our staff and make sure that they are not put at risk.

The suburbs and townships that will be affected are:

  • Blewitt Springs
  • Chandlers Hill
  • Cherry Gardens
  • Clarendon
  • Coromandel East
  • Coromandel Valley
  • Darlington
  • Dorset Vale
  • Flagstaff Hill
  • Happy Valley
  • Ironbank
  • Kangarilla
  • Kuitpo
  • McLaren Flat
  • Onkaparinga Hills
  • Sellicks Hill
  • The Range
  • Willunga South 
  • and surrounding areas

Recycling, green organics and waste to landfill collections for these areas will be postponed until the next non-catastrophic fire day.

Information on changes to service provision on catastrophic fire days is available by phoning our Customer Relations Team on (08) 8384 0666

Fire ratings and fire safety information can be found by visiting or call 1300 362 361.