Bin options

Residential bins

We provide each rateable house or unit* with the following bins for household recycling, green organics and waste to landfill.

1 x 240 litre yellow-lidded recycling bin
1 x 240 litre green-lidded green organics bin
1 x 140 litre red-lidded waste to landfill bin.

Additional bins are available upon application - fees apply. (see below)

*Exceptions may apply due to dwelling density, location, service availability or development application restrictions

Business/Commercial bins

Each rateable commercial property* can access the following bins for recycling, green organics and waste to landfill.

1 x 240 litre yellow-lidded recycling bin
1 x 140 litre red-lidded waste to landfill bin.

1 x 240 litre green-lidded organics bin - please note the following:

  • service is only available on condition that the business is  located within an existing collection round
  • an annual fee applies (see Additional bins information below).
  • application is required in writing

Additional bins are available upon application - fees apply. (see Additional bins information below).

*Unless otherwise indicated in the development application plan

Vacant land

Each rateable vacant block with a shed or other infrastructure, can apply for a green organics and a waste to landfill bin. You should apply in writing to the Team Leader, Waste Management. If approved, bins will be supplied to the block.

Schools, Kindergartens, Churches & Community organisations

We support our local community, so limited services are available to these organisations.

For more information about service entitlements and how to apply for them please contact our Waste Administration team on (08 8384 0666.

Additional bins

Sometimes one bin is not quite enough. Additional bins are available for residential properties for an annual fee for service (per bin) which is currently:

Waste to landfill bin smallWaste - $122.70

1 additional bin available
Additional bins will have a green body and an orange lid

Recycling bin smallRecycling - $25

Up to 2 additional bins available
Additional bins will have a green body and a mustard yellow lid

Green organics bin

Green organics - $30

Up to 2 additional bins available
Additional bins will have a green body and a lime green lid

The additional bin fees are for the servicing of the bin. Please note that all bins remain the property of the City of Onkaparinga.

You can request an additional bin online or contact our Customer Relations team on 8384 0666 or

Hardship Support 

Requests for hardship support can be made in writing, addressed to the Team Leader Waste and Recycling.

The written request must include the following information:

  • Your address
  • Current contact numbers
  • Concession card number(s)
  • Type of bin(s) required
  • Why you need the bin(s)
  • How many people permanently reside at the property
  • Employment status of people residing at the property
  • The ages of any children residing at the property
  • Any extenuating circumstances

Once the written request is received, a customer request will be created for consideration by the Team Leader, Waste and Recycling

Each application will be considered on its own merit.

Moving on?

Don't forget to let us know if you wish to relocate your additional service, if no longer require the service or if you are selling your property. Otherwise you will continue to receive invoices even if someone else is using the bin.


New residents

When your newly built house, unit or townhouse is ready to occupy, you can contact us to request your 3 bins to be delivered.  We do not deliver bins to your property unless it is occupied, to reduce the occurrence of bins being stolen.

Please note that the property must be clearly identifiable with a lot number or a house number. 

You can order your bins two to three days before you move in. Contact our Customer Relations team on (08) 8384 0666 or

We will need to the following information:

  • your name
  • your contact details
  • the address of your new residence
  • when you will be moving in

Delivery will be within five working days and will only be to occupied premises. Your new bins will be left on the verge for you to put away inside your property.