Waste to landfill bin

The waste to landfill (or red lidded) bin is for household rubbish and is collected weekly.  All material goes to landfill and cannot be recovered or recycled.

Our recent kerbside waste audit identified that 18% of the average Onkaparinga household’s waste bin contents is actually recyclable and another 9% compostable.

What can you put in your red bin?

  • foam
  • nappies
  • ceramics
  • glassware
  • mirrors
  • cigarette butts & ash
  • clothing (unusable)
  • food waste
  • soft plastics eg. cling wrap, bubble wrap
  • pet waste & litter

The following items an NOT be put in your waste to landfill bin:

  • oil
  • green organics
  • building material
  • batterieis
  • lights
  • e-waste

If you feel one bin is not enough, additional waste to landfill bins are available (fees apply).