Your bin placement responsibilities

Over 115,000 bins are picked up and emptied across Onkaparinga every week, so it's important that we work together to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

You can help us by:

  • placing your bins on the kerb the night before your scheduled collection
  • placing your bins in a position that is visible from the road and suitable for the truck to collect it
  • positioning your bins for collection with the wheels away from the kerb and avoiding blocking the footpath
  • returning your bins from the kerb within 24 hours of collection
  • only using City of Onkaparinga bins (non-council bins may be removed)

It’s not always easy for our drivers to collect bins – there are a number of obstacles each day. Some of the common problems they face include:

A problem for us

How you can help

Bins too close together Leave at least a 50cm gap between bins
Bins too close to poles, letterboxes or cars Keep bins well clear of these things
Bins too close to trees and overhead lines Ensure bins are well clear (bin is lifted up 4.2m)
Bins too heavy Keep your bin under 45kg (waste bin) or 70kg (recycling
& green organics)
Bins overflowing or material left on or next to bins All material must comfortably fit within the bin so the lid can still close securely


Bin placement


Extreme hot weather

When a prolonged period of extreme hot weather is experienced, we shift collection times to 30 minutes earlier than normal.  Please have your bins out by 5.30 am in these extreme heat situations.

Find out more about when the extreme hot weather change applies.