Composting at home

Composting is recycling too!

Interested in composting at home? It’s easy to do, produces FREE fertiliser for your garden and helps the planet – all in one.

To help reduce the amount of organic matter that goes to landfill and cut the production of greenhouse gas emissions, we support our residents to participate in composting at home, where these materials are produced.


In spring and autumn we offer information sessions at various locations throughout our council area

  • Introduction to Composting – covering the basics of bin composting, worm farming and Bokashi composting
  • How to make your own Bokashi mix workshops

Find out more about upcoming sessions


We also subsidise the purchase of a selection of composting systems including bins, worm farms and Bokashi buckets.

These items are purchased via our Customer Service Offices and will be delivered to your door.

You can download the Composting order form

Alternatively, you can contact our Customer Relations team on (08) 8384 0666

Composting is a very worthwhile pursuit because it produces useable compost, castings and liquid fertilisers which are very beneficial for our soil and plants. These products add nutrients, microbial diversity and increase the water holding capacity of your soil. You will start seeing food scraps and garden waste not as rubbish but as a resource to be recovered and used in your home compost systems.


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